Emperor's Ecstasy of Gold


I started with EoG about 6 weeks ago. EoG suits my long term entrepreneurship goals.

I also have some short-term learning and personality development goals, for which I initially paired EoG with Emperor and Limitless.

As @SaintSovereign and @DarkPhilosopher had cautioned-- it turned out to be too much subliminal input. It caused me a low-grade constant headache. I woke up dazed. Since my personal and family situation is somewhat crisis ridden at the moment, I felt more stress than usual. My EoG+Emp+LL (2:1:1) stack seemed ideal, but it turned out to be somewhat extreme.

On the positive note, I have begun to lose some of my “hang ups” related to money. I have a strong newfound realization that time is money. Literally. So, I now try to “optimise” time instead of the money, as long as I can afford it.

I can feel a push to do things I have wanted to but did not cause they were “expensive”, even if I could afford them. I got a bespoke suit. Something I wanted for a long time but dreaded the expenses. Is it EoG helping me break the “poverty mindset” ? I believe so.

I have started Stage 2 and altered my stack to EoG ST2 + Emperor + Sanguine (2:1:1). Will run it for 2 months at least before moving on to ST3.

Will journal once a week.

Until next time !


I think E of G will also be my next program. You mentioned time being money, I also got this same breakthrough last week. Thanks fir the insights, keep us posted on your progress.


How many hours did you listen to st1? Did you understood the difference from the effect between emperor and st1?


I think it is a profound realization to have. I come from a developing country and the middle-class here was built upon savings and sacrifices. But this methodology will also ensure that one stays in the middle-class. I think to rise up we need an Invest and Sacrifice approach. And the best thing we can invest in is ourselves by making time for what we are passionate about.

Thanks @Hollywood. Will keep writing.


I used the masked in the first 3 weeks. And ultras in the remaining. On an average 8-10 hours per day. So I suppose at least 100 hours of ST1 exposure. Probably more. I will aim at 200+ hours of ST2 exposure.

Emperor is very strong. The dreams I have on Emperor + Limitless are unparalleled. ST1 is relatively mild now that I have simplified the stack. Plus Sanguine has a calming effect in the long run, so maybe that helps.


I feel 100 hours for one stage arent enough. Maybe you should think aading more hours in that stage


I agree. At least 250 hours. Better 350 hours per stage.


@AMASH and @rising : Thanks for the inputs.
After 100 hours of ST2, I will loop back to ST1.
On an average how many hours/day do you listen to multi-stage subs? And does it include sleep-time sub exposure too?


Yep. Sleep is a great time to get in a good number of listening hours.


Okay, then I think I would have touched 200 on ST1. But still short of the 350-400 hr exposure.

Will you recommend going back to ST1 now (given that it’s my third day on ST2) or should I revisit ST1 after 200 hrs of ST2 ?


If ST1 was hard for you, return to it now.

If t was easy and you felt no reconciliation, stay on ST2 but make sure to get enough hours :slight_smile:


Actually I mixed ST1 with Emperor and LL and that was too heavy. I do not really know if it was ST1 or the entire stack that was causing it. With ST1 and Sanguine (a positivity sub) for a week, things were breezy.

Well, I will continue with ST2 for a month and then go back to ST1 and get another 200-300 hours.


30 days around 7 hours per day (minimum) is the recommended i think


What is LL?


Thanks. My daily exposure fluctuates and on an average it is about 6-8 hrs. But it was a stack of multiple subs and not ST1 alone.
LL is Limitless.


What do you think of limitless? I am thinking to included with Khan vut i dont want to reduce khan’s exposure


It did help me overcome some limiting beliefs. I took up a task way beyond my abilities, and I am close to accomplishing it. One thing I noticed was that it increased my curiosity in too many things at once, which was somewhat counterproductive. Though that was a unique individual response.
Which is why I decided to go for EoG. My interests may be diverse, but my goals are specific. EOG ST1 has a limitless component related to wealth and success.

Emperor + Limitless is a great combination and has benefitted me.

Khan + Limitless may be a great blend too.

@AMASH, @DarkPhilosopher, and @SaintSovereign may offer better insights on this.


I personally prefer the playlist to be tight and focused.

So unless something absolutely important is coming up, the Limitless component of Khan or EoG would be more than enough.


Okay. That makes sense.

I do have another query @AMASH. How permanent is the impact of subs? I make notes on the changes that I observe or experience, and I can clearly see an impact. But is the rewiring or unlearning of bad beliefs permanent or do we have to replay the subs at periodic intervals to prolong their impact (like revision in learning).

I ask this because I want to stay with EoG for a year while not losing the progress I made with Emperor + Limitless.

What are your thoughts ?


Nothing is totally permanent, because when you stop subs, social programming will be reprogramming you. That is if you totally stop subs.

But if you listen for a long time, you make those changes harder and harder to lose.

About EoG vs Emperor + Limitless. There is good news. There is some Status and “Alpha” programming in EoG, but it is more related to wealth, and there is Limitless in EoG ST4. So EoG will be keeping your gains from Emperor + Limitless.

Also remember you can use SuperChargers to keep gains. Beyond Limitless will keep the changes from Limitless. Emperor, we don’t have the Commander yet, so probably True Social can help with that.