EmperorQ + StarkQ + Commander (update 2 weeks in)


Been doing EmperorQ, StarkQ, and Commander for the past two weeks. Doing Emperor and Stark around 3-5 loops each, and Commander maybe 1-2 loops. Every other night I would have them on, not for the entire night but enough for another 2-3 loops each.

In the beginning I noticed the confidence, the energy, the lift in mood. Had my hard days as well, about 4 or 5 days in. I felt a little drained, tired, down… Also felt like I would easily snap. I had a VERY short fuse. I dropped exposure significantly to 1-2 loops per day and that went away. Never took a rest day, though.

These days I feel much more stable. The only thing that I keep noticing in terms of “side effects” is the need for sleep. I’ve always been a morning person, jumping out of bed by 6.30 or 7 at the latest, no matter how late I go to sleep, also on the weekends. However these days I’ve been feeling the need to stay in bed until 8 or 9, and I would take a nap in the afternoon if I can. This doesn’t bother me much, I think is healthy to sleep more, but I do miss the extra time waking up early was giving me.

Also, I’m getting the feeling that Emperor and Stark don’t mix well. I tested this by doing them in different days and I could definitely notice how I was being pulled in two different directions. Emperor is providing the drive to get shit done, whereas with Stark I feel the urge to connect with people, to engage, while also giving me a mindset of “fuck it”, “whatever happens, happens”.

Because of this, I’m thinking for now I should prioritize Emperor. As much as I enjoy Stark, I think it might be offsetting some of Emperor’s benefits, which are more closely aligned to what I need right now.

I probably won’t stop Stark completely, but instead drop it to 1 loop per day (probably the T version). I really enjoy how it makes me more social, and this is definitely important to me as well.


Yes I was chatting to my good friend @Hermit about this in another thread. His theory which I believe is plausible as you have said emperor and stark might try and pull you in different directions.

I have been running emperor q and stark q together I did not feel that they were pulling me in opposite directions, however I decided to go down the path of stacking stark q terminus with ascension instead.


From the description I’d say Ascension would be a much better fit for Stark. My guess is that it is some of the other submodules in Emperor that are not as well aligned with Stark.

Also, now with the social distancing I feel much more frustrated with Stark than Emperor because I can’t socialize as much as I’d want to. With Emperor I feel great crossing things out of my to do list and don’t really need to socialize. I feel comfortable with people, but I feel just as good on my own. With Stark I can’t wait to get out, talk to people, have fun, etc. and the opportunities to do that now are very limited.