EmperorQ journal


I downloaded EmperorQ as soon as it was released. Let’s see where it takes me.
The first time I run it, after a few loops I was surprised to see that a specific fear that I had for awhile seemed to have vanished or strongly decreased. My goal is too see how I will be dealing with people after quarantine.

Today I ran at least 14 loops (masked with earphones). Feeling pretty good. Let the Q journey start.


Totally forgot about Regeneration. Adding it to EmperorQ. Let’s see what RegenerationQ does.


One thing is true about the Emperor sub is this : It will get you to a point where you refuse to compromise with your own mediocrity and laziness. It will get you to a point where you’ll demand only the best of yourself. I think I’m getting to a point where I refuse to get myself in situations that are below Emperor status. Situations like procrastinating a bit too much some project and having to make excuses because my employer is expressing his unhappiness with my performance. I refuse to let anyone see me as incompetent therefore I will demand the best effort from myself. Emperor status comes with Emperor work ethic.


Reconciliation is hitting over here. I have a mildly strong headache, I’m sleeping a lot more than I used to but I’m feeling sluggish. The first few days I was running 12 to 14 loops a day of EmpQ. Then I cut it back to 8 loops a day. @SaintSovereign said that I might be overdoing it. So I dialed it back to 4 loops of EmpQ and 4 loops of Godlike Masculinity. Even that seems to be too much. I’m going to take a day off then I’ll cut back to 2 loops of each sub and go from there.
Oh by the way, I have been dreaming ) pretty consistently too.


I haven’t updated this journal in awhile. All I can say is that Q is working. It is still just as hard to run. Currently, I’m running Emperor Q, GLM Q and LD Q. 2 loops of each. The few times I went over and ran Emperor Q for 6 or 7 loops a few days in a row, I ended up having a solid headache and feeling tired and not wanting to get out of bed. A few days ago. I had to take a day off. It was like my body couldn’t absorb anymore information. I just couldn’t get myself to put my earphones on.

The most interesting aspect for me is that I feel a sort of mental or internal solidity. A lot of fears or hesitations that I had about the direction of my life have just vanished. I can’t say that I became bolder. It’s just that those fears are no longer really there so the only thing left to do is to take action.

A few interesting freelancing/business opportunities have opened. The way this thing is going, I could be very well have turned my financial situation around by the end of this year.

Another thing I noticed is that, sometimes the old “me” or the old beliefs try to resurface but I just push them away without any effort. It is weird to feel like you who you’ve always been but at the same time you are also in transition towards something great.
Little by little I stopped seeing greatness as something that is only meant for others. Right now I’m getting ready to shoot to the top of my professional field. Not because I’m the best at my craft but because I’m starting to think the top is where I belong. I’ll get there somehow.

All I can say is that Q works. It is hard you run but it is doing its job. I still have a long way to go but I’m feeling confident.


I noticed that very early on running EQ. Getting that much exposure to a sub using Q technology is hardcore, I found I have to change up the information going in to avoid stagnation. Like you, I’ve found GLM and LD work well with Emperor. Also its taken me a while but starting to experiment with other technologies at the same time to get away from the monotony of the water sound has helped. Adding Aura this morning was also a big boost. But rest and nature have been the main things to help integrate the materials into the subconscious which seem necessary and unable to be avoided. Periods of mental silence to allow it to work its way down into the core I reckon.


It’s been a little over month that I started Emp Q. I’m still not used to its power. After 2 or 3 loops, I feel like I have to take a break. I used to run GLM Q x2 , LD Q x2 and Emp Q x3. With no breaks But now it has become more difficult. My new plan is now to run Emp Q x3 is the morning then only one loop of GLM Q and LD Q in the evening. I think i would make easier.
Results are coming though.