Emperor - Which Stack is Preferable?


Hi dear friends,

So I’ve been working with emperor for around one week and a few days. Already seeing major results and changes in my reality and thinking. I would love to buy another program which I am able to stack with emperor. Although emperor is a really big subliminal I feel one more program, at least can be stacked with this while still gaining results at a fast speed. I have a vision to building an emperor in the advanced spiritual technology business which will skyrocket in 2020 for sure. I am already spiritually developed, so I don’t have any need for remote viewing or alchemy whatsoever. I’m interested in building a big business, being the superhuman alpha, while still maintaining that smoothness and charisma. I always focus on brain capacities and how to develop them. I see it as one of the best personal investments. I’d love to hear your opinions. I’m looking to stack emperor with one more program out there.

Looking through all programs following five programs really have catched my eye:

  1. Beyond Limitless
  2. True Social
  3. Libertine
  4. Power Can Corrupt
  5. Sex Mastery X2

A few questions for Emperor users:

How many hours a day do you listen to emperor?

Which programs do you stack with emperor?

What kind of results have you achieved and in how much time?

Which are your top three subliminal’s & why?

I look forward to hearing your answers, stories and ideas!


I would suggest Ascended Mogul for this if that is your goal. For brain capacity Limitless/Beyond Limitless are excellent choices.

To answer your Emperor questions:
I listen as much as I can, depending on the situation I will switch from masked and ultrasonic. It’s hard to say exactly how much time I listen because it’s part of a stack.

I stacked Ascended Mogul with it.

I’ve only been in this stack since Thursday but am starting to feel a drive to work/so more. My conversations have also become more fluid and comfortable feeling.

My top 3 in terms of quantifiable results are Khan, Emperor, and Ascended Mogul


Fair enough. Thank you for your opinions.

On Ascended Mogul, Limitless. These are already present in the Emperor Subliminal. The only reason I see for stacking these with Emperor is for getting increased benefits of these programs in particular. Is there any other reason for stacking these?

On Khan, would you be able to tell me a little bit more on this subliminal. I’ve read the description on the sales page anyhow user experience is always more detailed. How does Khan differ from Emperor?

I’ve also seen there’s a subliminal called “The Ecstasy of Gold Multistage”, which might be interesting.


Because of this I would say either True Social or Daredevil as extra program. I’m currently running Emperor(again) and like quite some people already said on this forum, it does make you less social/more serious to an certain extend. Now I do think that when it comes to your business, this effect won’t be too big of a problem, since your mind understands that good social contact with customers and potential partners is important for the growth of your business. However even though the business side of things might not be affected to much by the side effect of Emperor, your social life probably will. So if you really want to keep that “smoothness” and “charisma” in general, I think it’s best to buy one of those social focused subs. Not to forget that those enhanced social skills will help you with networking for your business.

I personally wouldn’t stack AM with Emperor because the whole script of AM is already in Emperor. By adding AM you will of course put an Emphasis on that part in Emperor. I however don’t think that’s needed, I’d rather stack it with something Emperor doesn’t already work on.


Yes, both Limitless and Ascended Mogul are in Emperor. Therein actually is the issue. Because Emperor is such a loaded program its effects often take longer to grab hold of the subconscious. The benefit of stacking one of these two with it is getting quicker and stronger results in a more focused way, using Emperor as a more general approach (sniper vs. shotgun).

I had great results with Khan but did not finish the program so I can’t say too much about it. But I can say that I felt the urge to improve myself. I was working out more, eating better, being more social. It drove me forward. I ended up not finishing the program when Ecstasy of Gold was released. I had less than promising results with EoG because I was expecting it to have the same “push” feeling I got from Khan. That said, I have since been informed that EoG requires far more self motivation than Khan to be effective (a quality I am currently developing). So if you are already a self-starter then EoG might work great, though I’ve heard of others stacking it programs like Limitless or Ascended Mogul to get better results as well as that motivating drive that many felt the program was lacking.


That’s exactly me feeling as well.

I have the same idea on the enhanced social skills. Especially in the kind of business I am working with social skills are very important. I’ve always been very social but I do feel that emperor is making me more serious in life. Which is, a good thing but yet also has indeed it’s negative counterparts.

True Social or Daredevil, from reading there descriptions both look smooth subliminal’s but not allot of information is offered. Have you tried these, which ones do you prefer? Anymore information on these subliminal’s would be very well appreciated. :smile:


I do have both Daredevil and True Social, however I haven’t used both long enough to really say something about it( only listend to it a few times). The few times I listend to daredevil I noticed an increased desire to socialize. With TS I didn’t notice a different, but this has probably a lot to do the with the fact that superchargers and I don’t go together well in general. I expect that Daredevil will be better at counteracting the coldness, since a subliminal has a lot more content than a supercharger. However this isn’t a completely fair comparisson beacause of the different purposes of both products. One focusses on the subconsious mind and the other more on the consious.

Edit:There is a journal where someone stacked Emperor with Daredevil I believe.


Why is that superchargers and you dont go well together ??


My visualization skills are very poor. That makes it very hard to follow along with the instructions.


The best way to improve visualization is by doing it a lot. I have a similar problem where the supercharger goes too fast, I’m still trying to “flesh out” the visualization when the recording is already moving on. So I practice the visualization without the recording. That way it gets familiar until I can do it at the right speed.


if you really want to build a business then maybe adding EOG ST4 to your stack would help the most :smiley:


Start with imagining, clear visualization will come in time. Feel the emotions, know the intentions this is what is important. Trust me I’ve been there. If you want to visualize something in front of you and clearly see it, it takes time and practise. It’s like a muscle which needs to be worked out before you can control it. Like some women, don’t know how to tension there biceps, only because it hasn’t been trained properly so they don’t consciously know how to do it. Also the nerve cluster which is in your mind that belongs to this action needs to be developed. Just keep at it with your visualization and you’ll see improvement over time.

Honestly I didn’t know those superchargers were visualizations. Interesting. I might buy some of them. In terms of visualization look into the Raikov Effect, it’s a very intersting experiment, and very powerful. It will be way more effective then any visualization out there if you get it correctly. People literally become whatever they can imagine. If you need anymore information on it I have it well documented step by step guide on it.

Anyway, I just saw a thread were it has been mentioned “Quantum Limitless” is becoming out soon. I might just wait before purchasing anything because I’m definitely going to add this to make stack. I’m very big on improving my mind as this is the main best investment you can do for yourself, in my opinion.


Sure, thank you. Will look into it, Khan has been passed by many times. I didn’t look into it because I was already working with Emperor, which is a major program all by itself already. Now, I just realized Khan is with stages. Will there be no problem if I just skip the first three stages? I’d love to hear your opinion on this one. :slight_smile:


Thnx for the tips :wink:

Yes, Supercharges are a bit like guided mediation.


I don’t know how you read Khan when I wrote Ecstasy of Gold (EOG), but yeah if you think you don’t need any healing, and you have a solid emotional foundation, in which case you can skip Stage 1, or have a clear vision, and you know how to behave/act/feel/think you may also skip Stage 2 and 3.

Stage 4 has both S2 and S3 in them and even more modules which aren’t in those 2.

I have read your journal, you say that you can already see massive improvements with Emperor in the first week, that would mean you don’t really need to ease in with stages so you subconcious would be able to handle easier all the information that it’s getting from Stage 4. I think you should go for it.

As for what you want to do if you want to really focus on your business I believe EOG would be the best addition. There aren’t really many journals about it. Someone started it but at St4 he found out that his problem wasn’t money related, but something internal.

As for Khan some people have reported manifesting events where they could earn a couple of bucks, but I didn’t read anything yet regarding anyone starting a major business while running Khan.


Oh well. I only just realized you were talking about EOG. Well everything is going pretty well with emperor until now. Only thing I have found when playing this at night is that I don’t get any dreams, don’t rest as good and as much. Probably because my subconscious is working at full throttle. I saw Quantum Limitless coming out soon, so ill probably aim for that. It seems to really fit into my needs.

Thank you for your advice though. :smile:


It’s best not to skip to stage 4. Our brains are looking for the quick fix so by jumping to stage 4 it’s trying to do this. There’s a reason why there’s a stage 1,2 and 3. I would stick with emperor and ride it out for a bit unless you want to add stacking subs.