Emperor VS QL ST3

I have an exam in 10 days and I would like to study a lot and pass it (I am already studying it, but I would like that extra push to work as much as possible). For this reason I will only listen to one subliminal until the day of the exam. In your opinion is it better to bet on emperor or QL ST3? It’s a really hard exam so maybe QL could help me to understand it, but maybe emperor could give me the push to work hard.

Bro if you can spend a few bucks. I would say that it’s a no brainer for you to get Beyond Limitless Ultima.

For the moment i can’t buy new subs :frowning: so i have to use what i have

Go with Emperor Q.
It’s true QL3 will bring in greater learning capacity over the long term.
but since you only have 10 days, Emperor Q will give you immediate learning effects focus and discipline to get shit done, probably the best alternative to Beyond Limitless Ultima.


Emperor contains the script of QL Lite within it.

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Quadpay BLU?

$12.50 every two weeks for for 2 months

Money should never stop people from running what they need to run :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answers. These days I will be looking for ways to raise money for BLU. I found a way. For the time being I will go heavily on emperor.

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I would go for QL St3

I saw the results within days.

Just out of curiosity, why limit yourself to only 1? Why not stack both?

Both are dense programs. To see sufficient results in the next 10 days, I would not stack both but decide for one

Yes. But he already has experience with both. So it’s not like a total reprogram, but more of a refresher. And he doesn’t need to listen to both all the time. Why not a ratio of 2ql:1eq?

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Both programs can lead to exhaustion. He needs to be on his game for the exam, I just would not do it. But of course do what feels right