Emperor v4 results in short time


Wanted to post this here, hopefully to get posted under comments on the product page.
I have been running Emperor v4 for about 3 weeks now and have been astounded by results and anxious to see these amplified as I continue to run it.
Pre Emperor v4 I had a severe porn addiction and would say suffered from PIED… since starting the program (and this was maybe after the 2nd day) I have not looked at porn nor had any desire to. My “morning wood” has returned and when being intimate with my wife I have strong performance.
Before starting the program I had relied on the “little blue pill”, sometimes if I hadn’t taken it before we’d be intimate that thought would start running through my head and of course then I would manifest that thought physically and then it would be disappointing. Now though, that thought doesn’t cross my mind at all.
I have also found myself more assertive with work and taking care of tasks that need to be done rather than procrasinating.
My mindset as a whole as done a complete 180, or at least made a massive shift, as I mentioned I’m excited to see how things progress as I continue to run the program.
I am so grateful to have found Subliminal Club and their fantastic product(s)…and at such a reasonable cost!! Thanks!!


wow this is a great testimony, thanks for sharing, ive experienced similar traits of not doing porn.

keep going…All the best, post your results as im on the same program… cheers


how Has your porn addiction been since ?



I’m currently in the 6-week NoPorn Challenge --> gotta kick the habit for good as it’s a major time sucker + lowers sexual performance.

Your testimonial just gave me another jolt of motivation to stick with it!

Thank you!


Porn addiction - non existent now… no urges to view… sex life however is very good - drive/libido was not diminished - actually the opposite, but would chalk it up to no porn.
This program is fantastic and I am so thankful to have found subliminal club - great products!


You should try EmperorQ and see what improves!


where do i get empq @SubliminalUser


It’s in the “My account” -> “Downloads” section …


thanks i didnt know it was there…darn!