Emperor v3 marketing email


All are satisfied… All have quickly transformed… All see the life they dream about become reality in front of their eyes…

Some went from virgins to dating multiple women and building a successful business…

Some went from broke to having employees in their own empire…

Would be great if I could read more about the “from virgin to getting laid multiple times” and the “being broke to having lots of minions” stories on this forum.

Its good motivation.


I haven’t read such statements on here yet, but would be quite interested to to hear these stories myself. It would be encouraging indeed!


this company has changed…


What do you mean?


I think that broke guy who has employees and a successful biz now is @OldChap
He has an Emperor journal of business success here a while ago.

There were some interesting stories like his on the forum when Emperor first came out. Maybe it was before your time.


Sounds like Emperor is the sub to get. I want get my hands on it and see what happens


I am not promoting anything but i think khan has emperor inside or a part of khan is emperor’s goals


Not every testimonial or customer story we have is posted on this forum. Some people have no desire to post, some say they’re too busy running their business, some just want to remain anonymous, so they’re sent by email.

I review every email our marketer has made before it goes out. I’ve seen no reason to edit anything yet.


He’s criticizing the sales copy used to market to email subscribers. This is personal to me because the email in question was about Emperor, which I’ve been using more than any other subliminal for 10 or 11 months now.

The reality is that many, if not most, users won’t achieve the best possible results from using Subliminal Club’s products because they are misusing them. One of the reasons why I am not very active on the forums here or on other subliminal forums is because it pains me to see how these MP3s are misused. People are stacking 5, 6, 8 subliminals and reporting nothnig more than “vivid dreams” and then anxiously waiting for the next subliminal release to add to their already bloated stacks.

These subliminals aren’t magic, but they work amazingly well if used responsibly and if you do work on your own part. The owners scripted their subliminals to work stacked together so you can work on multiple goals if you want, to give the customers choices, but they never recommended stacking 8 subliminals together. That’s how self-help junkies are, though. Always working on treating the problem, but making minimal progress, if any.

I can’t prove what Emperor has done for me without letting you look at my bank statements, bills, and text messages for the past year–which I’m certainly not going to do–so feel free to ignore what I’m saying, but I’ve experienced extraordinary results since using Emperor. I credit Emperor and Limitless for the following:

  • An unexpected 19% salary increase and over $7,000.00 worth of stock.
  • Lost 45 pounds (and still going).
  • I get complimented almost every day by men and women (many of them strangers) for my appearance, my hair, my clothes, how young I look for my age.
  • Gained a tremendous amount of respect in a company that had overlooked and marginalized me for years. I’d been looking for another job for a whole year before Emperor because I felt like I was seen as a joke.
  • Went from reading a book or two a year to a book or two per week and with vastly improved reading comprehension.
  • Sleeping with several hot younger women without any real effort beyond talking to them. Sex and women were not goals of mine, money and health were. If anything I try to avoid getting in too deep with women because I don’t want to be distracted from achieving my long term financial goals.
  • Feeling more calm, focused and energetic than I did 20 years ago as my co-workers 15-25 years younger than me complain every day about severe anxiety, stress and fatigue.
  • I was already popular before Emperor buy my popularity has skyrocketed. If I want to go to work on a day off to get some more work done, I have to go on a Saturday when there are few people because otherwise I have people constantly coming to my desk to hug me and talk to me.

But I accomplished this by listening to Emperor alone for an average of 12 hours a week and then adding Limitless for about half the listening time as Emperor. I’ve never listened to more than two tracks. I also took massive action and worked hard. There’s nothing special about me. I’m the epitome of ordinary. I just read great things about Subliminal Club, took a chance and the rest is history.

Identify what you want to accomplish, pick the right subliminal, start listening and get to work. Subliminal Club products don’t magically make you rich, smarter and have lots of sex, but they make it much easier to achieve those things.


Just read my journal :wink: I believe @Amash would be another one but I don’t think that he was bad with woman when he started the sub


No, but I was bad with women during 75% of my life :slight_smile:

The subliminals made a big difference in my inner state, which makes behaving in an attractive way and taking ore chances much easier.


Wow, you have accomplished some great things by combining the two subs mentioned. I found your testimony motivating and genuine.
I totally agree re: being a subliminal junkie and stacking many subs together. I think it would be hard or even impossible to get anything out of subs that way, but each to their own. I was once a self help junkie myself who jumped from one motivational speaker to another. I read many articles, blogs and was always looking for the next fix that could deliver better results. In the end I wasted years of doing nothing much and my life did not improve at all. If not, I was left in a worst place. Regrets of waste time sucks big time.
I am hoping to follow similar protocol as you did.
It’s great to read some awesome feedback as opposed to many confusing ones I have read here. Thanks for sharing.


I think we are giving women too much power lol.
We are primal masculine dudes, they should flock to us. Seriously, if women were an issue, I would never listen to a sub. I have always been lucky in that department, but married now. However, somehow, I seem to have an extra chic in my life. At the moment, I got one hooked on me lol… It’s funny because I acted like a Primal man with some women and now that I know about Primal sub it all make sense. The majority of woman love a dude who can ravish them and get them wired… They want a dude who can take over them, dominate them in bed, while you keep it cool. Every man has primal traits in him, we just have to explore it. I let this chic saw and experience my primal side, and now I can’t get rid of her. It needs to be done from day one tho. Once it’s imprinted in them, that’s it. The moment a man becomes needy, obsesses over his woman and put her on a high pedestal, his done. I have seen it happening too many times before. Be a Primal man, stay in your power and chics will notice that. Just my 2 cents lol


That was me in my late thirties.

Even though in today’s “me too” climate those statements are triggering to many, they are absolutely true. I haven’t met a woman yet who didn’t melt and obsess over me after being dominated in bed. Not bimbos, mind you. Smart professional women with masters degrees squeal with delight when I call them “slut” or “whore” and choke them, slap them and pull their hair in bed.

The late great comic Patrice O’Neal put it best once when he said “Women don’t want to win…they want a winner.” BTW I encourage guys to check out episodes of his old radio show “The Black Phillip Show.” They’re really funny, but more importantly, O’Neal imparts some great wisdom on the show about gender roles and it’s the kind of thing that most men are scared to say in public for fear of being branded misogynists. I love women. Absolutely love their energy, how they look, smell and feel, but it’s a shame that so many men have been and continue to be emasculated by a culture that insists on denying some primal needs that men and women both have.


Thank you @Yardbird so much for writing this up. I’m now focused on sole running Emperor v3 and hope to achieve similar goals like yours soon.


Yes! That’s so true.


Watching some of his videos right now. Awesome stuff and kinda funny too. All guys should listen to his videos. Some useful tips there. Thanks for sharing


Love Patrice, wow taking me back. Learned so much from him.

@Yardbird do you know anyone that does similar but for business, just straight tells it how it is?


Yes! He’s not a comedian, but Dan Kennedy is the best business author/speaker I can recommend for business. He was instrumental in helping me crush my negative beliefs about money. Although he markets a lot of expensive courses, you can find a surprising amount of his content on YouTube. Start with this one:

He’s also written several books, of which this one is arguably his best: https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Marketing-Attract-Flood-Customers/dp/1946633747


Spot on.
I’ve been running Emperor for almost a year now (15 August), and the changes have been immense.
I’ve added Ultimate Artist recently and will run these together for another year.
Although sorely tempted I must resist Khan and Ecstasy of Gold for the time being.