Emperor v2 - What Are The Improvements?


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Could you both briefly outline the improvements and enhancements in version 2 of Emperor , please ?

And Is there some type of ‘shield’ which prevents others from inadvertently or deliberately “stealing” or leeching off your success/achievements/sexiness when they are in close proximity to yourself , akin to a parasite ? Like an auric-shield perhaps ? This question also applied to your other products, in general.

Many thanks.


It is too soon to say exactly, but we aim to make it more effective all around, while adding the new technologies that were developed.

We have heard of this… “phenomenon”.

I will tell you as it is - no one can steal your success/achievement/sexiness. This phenomenon stems from simple lack of awareness, where the subliminal user does not understand that other people could have their own success, achievement and sexiness.

It is a way to avoid taking action, and blame it on others.

Success, achievement, and sexiness, comes from proper, continuous action, smarts and proper subliminal use. They are characteristics that are solely yours, because you developed them.

But it does not stop others from developing these characteristics too, even if it is a harder road without subliminals.


Thanks for both replies. But in regards to Emperor I am referring to v2 released in Jan 2019 ?


This auric shield is nonsense :slight_smile: Sound like you have spent to long haunting a competitors forum.


Exactly :laughing:


Whoever came up with this auric shield has obviously been watching too many Star Trek episodes.