Hi, i just added Emperor to my stark custom.
I’ve been running it For 1 week now.

Today i finally feel awesome and great.

It took around 1 week before results became noticable and positive.

I feel confident, serious, driven, funny and i am witty.

There is a great balance to this stack.

Emperor makes me feel i deserve everything, i feel i am getting an good upgrade here.

My stark custom is stark and rich.

I will write a small journal here because the results are great and i want to share more… :sunglasses::v:


Small update:

Getting some recon on and off… When i play my 2 files i feel i get recon for about a day, it’s like the sub is not working properly and i feel insecure and tired, but then it kicks in after a day and works wonderful :joy:

My authority and status feels much higher i don’t react much to people’s shit at work, i feel like i dont really care anymore. I am somehow at peace whitin.

I got another job offer which is great :+1:

Yesterday i was more artistic, painting and enjoying it, something i don’t do normally.


Seems like 3min of each file is enough to produce high quality results.

15min of each file every other day makes me tired as fuck, this is obviously to much for me.

I saw some other members on the forum play 3 min and got good results and the same thing happend for me.

More energy
clearer thinking
better posture like superman
Higher confidence
Strong masculine power
Defently some emperor alpha power coming out.
Better social,
I did work harder than normal at work

And more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I keep seeing posts like this. Thank you for adding this.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

The listening recommendations mentioned doing two loops every other day and just one loop every other day seems to make me excessively tired and sleepy.

One loop… I start having profound results on the 3/4th break day.

How are you doing now?