Emperor seems more effective then Primal or SS



I have been experimenting with the different programs I have purchased and have come to the conclusion that Emperor seems to be the best suited for me because

  1. It makes me feel invincible and installs a IDAF attitude which also helps in my cold approaches I never get nervous or have anxiety when I approach. I even got dates on emperor and the dates run smoothly.

  2. With Primal or SS when I ran them in tandem for a few weeks I felt vunerable and shy when it came to women. On dates I felt alittle anxious.

Now my question is what is Emperor doing that SS and Primal are not doing ?. What does that say about me as person ?


Might switch to emperor after reading this, I have the same problem with primal…


@WhiteTiger give it ago it seens like Emperor uses a completely different mechanism then primal or SS.

Or perhaps SS and Primal are digging out insecurities that Emperor is unable to do.


Well that’s your personal experience with these subs tho… I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to generalize.
Every time I hear about SC people say they get laid a lot with SS. If SS does make them feel weak and shy around women I don’t think they would have been getting laid.


If it is suited best for you, then run it. You’ve found a program that is giving you excellent results, why jump around?

Use it until you’re not getting as much out of it as you could be, then try other subliminals.

As for why, it could be that you’re needing the extra dominance scripting in Emperor. Emperor is more of a “ruler” type of alpha, rather than the relaxed, primal alpha that is Primal, and Emperor could be working on the dominance that you aren’t able to fully express on Primal.


@Fire This explains alot thanks


I listen to Primal to be more relaxed,
hopefully get a IDGAF or nonchalance attitude.
But I got tested hard yesterday.
Not to go into too much details, but the first incident was about my wife going ape about me or the kids dripping 3 drops of water on the floor.
Then the second incident she went berzerk when I dripped water on to the kitchen counter because I didn’t lift the lid off a pot properly.
Primal helped me keep my cool in the first incident. But the second incident instantly made me blow my top.
I can’t imagine what will happen if I have been listening to Emperor.


How about a combination of Primal and Emperor?
Would it create a nonchalant ruler, or would Emperor dominate Primal and the results of Primal would be minimal?

Also would it make sense to run Emperor along with Ascended mogul?


I believe Emperor might dominate Primal but the only way to know is.to test.

@Fire what are your thoughts?


@Shogun Emperor is a harsh subliminal but it does what it says on the tin.


@Shogun Emperor is the most potent subliminal that has ever been created. If your brain is not versed in the ways of subliminals it can be like giving a child a shot gun.


I have been running Regeneration and Primal which has given me this constant desire to want to tell people to go fuck themselves or flip them off if they annoy me in some way. Could be because I have always held back how I felt or thought out of some parental or socially induced fear which I am rapidly losing


Hey! Same stack, well technically I’m also running rebirth and limit destroyer but still


@myspace123 what is your stack?


Regen rebirth limit destroyer primal, lol I just told u


In the month and one half I ran Primal and Emperor together I found them to be a synergistic pair. It seemed to accentuate the raconteur and rogue in me. I stopped Primal because I have committed to running Emperor for a year and I wanted to start Regeneration and eventually Spartan as those seemed like more urgent priorities at the moment. I don’t want to water down my stack too much. I do hope to get back to Primal in the relative near future.

What I would really love to see would be a mega sub that combines all of the Masculinity, healing, sexual, physical and mental qualities a modern man needs in one sub. So essentially Emperor, Primal, Spartan, Limitless and Regeneration all together and optimized. Maybe that is too much to ask, but essentially I’d like to set and forget and be cruising down the road not worrying about what subs to add or subtract. Just living my life looking for opportunities. That is my ideal.


Emperor and spartan will male you immortal in every sense of the word. Thats my plan


Sure, I’d just like to add a bit of roguish charm to all that power. A roguishly charming immortal is probably the only way to improve on “merely” being an immortal. :thinking::smile::sunglasses:


I have asked.Sovereign to amplify the masculinity of the aura so.it works in tandem better with emperor.


@JCast Getting the same on Emperor mate