Emperor Scripting


As emperor contains the scrip for sex mastery , is there any additional benefit to listen to sex mastery added also or just stick with emperor alone ?


For the sake of argument, say that Sex Mastery makes up 1/3 of Emperor. That means that when you listen to 45 minutes of Emperor, you get about 15 minutes of Sex Mastery.

Now, Sex Mastery is 45 minutes of Sex Mastery.

So, if you stack these two, you get 60 minutes of Sex Mastery and 30 minutes of the other parts of Emperor for every loop. You would have to listen to 3 hours of Emperor alone to get the same amount of exposure to Sex Mastery.
That’s your benefit, and the idea behind stacking. You’re getting more of one topic, making its message more effective. Is that what you’re trying to accomplish?

Don’t you just love math? :smile:


Thanks for the reply and that has made me much more aware of how to use the supechargers and create stacks .