Emperor questions


Hey guy’s I just bought the emperor program and it gave me 4 files to download- V2- both masked and ultrasonic & V3- masked and ultrasonic. Is there a particular order i should listen to them in, or just loop all of then continuously? And do they work even if i have other audio or videos going on different outlets?


Choose V3 unless you have a particular reason to pick V2. Then choose either masked or ultrasonic, depending on your preference and environment. So you’ll end up with only a single track.


Will these work if I have other audio playing as well, like tv or sports radio?


Yes, the subliminal will still work. You should download the ebook saint and fire just released, it will be helpful for you as a beginner and will cover a lot of basic questions.

Edit: here is a link to the ebook thread https://subliminalresults.com/t/free-subliminals-that-work-ebook-now-available/1805/12