Emperor Q and forgiveness and letting go


@SaintSovereign : Does Emperor Q contain ANY forgiveness and “letting go of the past” scripting? Here is why I’m asking. Last night and the night before, I had dreams that I was having a conversation with two family members that I held deep and years long grudges against. We talked about the problems he had and we let them go. Maybe my subconscious thought that those grudges were slowing me down and that they needed to come to a resolution. I just find it odd that two nights in a row, I dreamed about two different people and that we resolved longstanding grudges. My current stack is Emperor Q, GLM Q and LD Q.


I’m on Emperor Q and GM and I have found a similar phenomenon. I don’t waste time being upset or having something between me and people I care about. I assertively create a reconciliation. I think this is partially from limit destroying scripting, since longstanding upset and withheld communication become a limit in our lives/ personal experience more than those we are upset about IMO, and ultimate gratitude (in EmperorQ) which gives an appreciation for those we value, and of course EmperorQ assertiveness.