Emperor + Primal + SS


hi im quite new with the products of subliminal club but i am a long time sub user from other brands…

i just want to say im happy with the current effect the subs on me:

  • im cutting toxic and useless people out of my life… i don’t hesitate even if we have been friends for 5 years
  • im more ambitious like the goals i set for this year is quite a mind fuck for the old me
  • im invited to more events and gatherings
  • people want to be around me like getting my attention, checking on me, introducing me to their friends.
  • get more matches on okcupid than usual
  • motivation to be my best self in all areas
  • friends offering me to court/game their daughters or niece (this is true, im not making this up)
  • i don’t check or even post in my social media now. i see it as a distraction these days
  • i read faster and understand my books well
  • im more playful and carefree
  • neediness and validation seeking behavior dropped to zero

and i’ve only been listening in less than 2 weeks haha

Great work subliminal club team… looking forward to your upcoming products


This stack looks very interessting.
What does your playlist look like?

And would this still get results? isn’t this an overkill?
Or is there no such thing as an overkill when it comes down to combining major programs together?

I’m thinking about getting:

Primal xxx
Primal xxx
Primal xxx
Godlike Masculinity
The emp ex
the emp ex
Godlike Masculinity
Sex & Seduction
Sex & Seduction

and maybe some aura here and there and libertine in the morning.


Looks good to me, @Deceiver.

You’ve got 3 major subliminals in the stack, so you’re not going completely overkill, and you should be able to handle it.

It will be a seduction and alpha oriented mix, with a good rounding of wealth and drive from Emperor.

Keep us updated and don’t be afraid to experiment.


i usually listen to 3 masked emperor in the morning

then primal and SS ultrasonic at night

today i just purchased godlike masculinity to add to my playlist at night


yes @Fire it is very well rounded playlist for my taste haha… thanks for making the subs, looking forward on your future products


@Fire whats the best volume when listening to ultrasonic versions on a phone? using earphones or headphones? sometimes when i travel i find it tiring to listen to masked tracks more than 3 loops


It depends on the phone. We don’t recommend using ultrasonics with headphones, but if you must, usually, just a few notches is good enough.


Felt some unexplained rage today. First time in all of my listenings


Switched to the new emperor. Its more smooth than the first version but definitely feel some energy drain like kinda want to take a nap after a loop or 2 of masked version. I experienced the same while listening to primal at first.


I find myself looking for ways to improve my look, physique, and sex drive… yeah im really motivated also to raise my testosterone and learn pick up hahahaha


Get your testosterone tested: www.discountedlabs.com. If it comes back low, message me.


i want to @SaintSovereign but it’s not available here in the philippines… i forgot to mention for the past 7 days im always dreaming… yep consistently dreaming then waking up refreshed


Dreams occur when the mind is processing information. Since you just started the programs, there’s a lot to process. Eventually, the dreams will begin to subside, and you’ll see more external results.


I agree. Right now, I get zero dreams from SC subs. I used to get them every night. I still listen for many hours every day.



i added 2 loops of ascension v2 today and the immediate effect that i felt is the increase in motivation towards what i needed to do. like working out… less contemplation and more action thats what i see after 2 loops


After more than 2 weeks of listening what i noticed subtlely is that im quite unreactive to stressfull situations and negativity… normally i snap at a certain point now i just notice it then do whats needed. I feel like im thomas shelby of peaky blinders… noticed more business opportunities coming to me friends offering me business and investing deals. This must come from the emperor. Excited to see what will i manifest next after a few months of listening. :muscle: