Emperor + Primal Seduction


Hi, I’m a new member here and come from Indonesia. A few weeks ago I decided to buy Emperor, and I regularly listened. So far I have felt a positive result, until a few days later I received an email from @SaintSovereign which offered a pre-order of Primal Seduction (PS). I was interested, so I decided to buy it too.

What I want to make sure is, can I listen to the two products above directly relatively simultaneously? I plan to listen to Emperor for 6 loops and immediately continue listening to PS for 4 loops at night? Or, is it better for me to focus on listening to Emperor for 1 month then listen to PS for the next month?

Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:



You can simply put Emperor and Primal Seduction on a playlist, and have one play after the other. This is what we call stacking.

Focusing on one for a month is also a viable approach - you will be getting more of a focus on each for a month.


Hi @Fire, thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face: