Emperor or Emperor Extreme?


Since buying Emperor I’ve only listened to the Extreme version as I assumed it’s the most potent. I didn’t touch the Masked version since it said it was Experimental. Reading through the forum I came across the information that Extreme used to be Experimental as well.

What’s the difference between the standard version and the Extreme one? And for someone like me new to these subs which would be most appropriate? I’m no stranger to different mind altering tracks, but the results have been rather limited.

Also, I wish there would be some kind of FAQ on how to listen to these subs. For example, at what volume, what hardware - is a mono speaker good enough? I think it is from what I’ve managed to glean, but I have also seen someone here say that stereo speakers are better.


There’s instructions included.

Basicly these are the general guidelines.

  1. Use a headset/speakers that can play the High Frequency
  2. Set and Forget
  3. Ultrasonics need a little bit more work, as you can’t play them as loud
  4. Use FreqenSEE to make sure you are under -20 to - 30 DB onthe spectrum, somewhere around -50-60 might be optimal.


Wouldn’t it be too loud? It seems to me like it would. Please correct me.

I’ve read the instructions and my question concerning loudness was more about how quiet is appropriate. So far I assumed similar level of loudness as any music or recording I might listen to while comfortably falling asleep.


-50 - 60 seems to be conversational loud, while anything higher than -20 is basically concert levels of loud. Now it’s really up to you if you want to play it the range of -50 to -60 since anything higher than -80 can still be heard but the important part is not louder than -20. For Masked you can just play it at a comfortable level to fall asleep.

Regarding hardware and mono speaker vs stereo speaker, I believe that idea is still being tested. In my opinion, I would say that stereo speakers/more expensive hardware may be better but you can still get results on anything that plays up to 20kHz for Ultrasonics.


@SaintSovereign or @Fire

Posted it somewhere, anything above -80 DB should be picked up by your subconscious; how-ever -50-60 might be optimal(These recommedations have been made several times on the forums).

I do not know why people don’t use the search function.


The worst forums are the ones where some guy decides he needs to shame new people over not using the search function. Either answer or don’t answer.


It’s not shaming, it’s proper etiquette on forums. I don’t mind answering questions. But if the same question arises there’s a lack of clear information, so it won’t needed to be asked.

That means either make a sticky/faq, or make it clearer somewhere else.

It’s not meant as an attack, but a way to self-sufficiency. The first thing I personally do when I don’t know something is A) Google it B) try to fix/find it out by myself if that doesn’t work I can always ask a question.

Or do you always just keep handing out fish, instead of teaching someone how to fish?

Secondly, I don’t appreciate ad hominem attacks as I have given him advice before I noted that there is a search function too(it’s not there to look pretty).


Gentlemen, be cordial. Both of you raise good points.

In actuality, it’s my fault. Given that’s there’s only two of us, some things have to be prioritized over others. Truth of the matter is, we’ve done a poor job at consolidating these answers in a central location and updating the instruction manual. This is something that will be addressed after Beyond Limitless.


What exactly is the difference between emperor and emperor ex? Is emperor ex just different tech with some extra stuff added?


Emperor Extreme has an experimental build that makes it more powerful.


May I ask you about update on Emperor?
I know that you said Emperor is going to be update to primal/dominion tech. How much powerfull would it be then Emperor ex?
And maybe how much progress is done?