EMPEROR or another Alpha Male Sub?


Hello All,

I am considering getting the Emperor sub. Is it an appropriate sub for someone who wants to experience what Emperor claims to help you become but minus the building business (empire) aspect/side of the subliminal? Would you advise it? To build my own business is not possible for me at this point in my life.
I am in my early 40s and currently unemployed . Married with two kids so I want to find a great paying job and also thinking of studying on the side since I am lacking a bit on the education side. I like the idea of Emperor subliminal because of the additional subs/modules included in it particularly the Sex Mastery X and Limitless. I am ONLY gonna listen to one main sub at this point and thinking of Emperor or another great Alpha Male sub who works similarly as emperor, and perhaps another sub or stack that can greatly compliment the main subliminal I end up buying. I am not a veteran at all when comes to experiencing with subliminals. I have tried a few of the free ones on YouTube here and there but never for too long or remained consistent with any of them. The longest I have used a subliminal, was for 5 WEEKS. Well, life kinda knocked me down and feel like I hit the rock bottom so I need to rise up. I would appreciate some useful and genuine input. Cheers.


My first instinct was Ascended Mogul in combination with Limitless. Ascended Mogul is alpha and money and would likely get you that job faster than Emperor. And Limitless for the studying of course. But that’s two programs and you only wanted one.


Thanks for replying. I thought of Ascended Mogul too. I can get another sub to compliment the main sub. One of the tempting modules in Emperor is Sex Mastery X which is a bonus for guys. I don’t thing AM has Sex Mastery included. Bummer!
On another note, do you think Ascension would be less powerful than AM if I decided against Emperor? Sounds like it would take less time given the shorter script. I read some comments that Emperor main purpose is to build your own business and one can distance themselves and go solo. It’s tricky to choose when some subs don’t incorporate other stuff you want. Yeah getting a job asap is a priority. It’s not a joke being broke. Cheers


Well, you’d need to set your own priorities. Given that you’re married with two kids, you’d probably need to spice up your marriage before spicing up the sex. Becoming more alpha might help you do that. Which means Sex Mastery can wait for a little bit. Besides, if you need a job ASAP, you might not want to spend all your energy on making that third baby. :slight_smile:

Ascension or Mogul on its own will work slightly faster than Ascended Mogul, it says so on the discussion thread for AM. But I’d say the difference would be negligible and you’re probably better off going for AM to meet your goals.

Emperor can make you fearless, but like you said it can also (temporarily) alienate some of the people around you.

I say start with AM and run that for a little while. See what it does. No need to buy a whole stack yet.

Don’t combine it with YouTube subs either until you get a sense of how its working for you. What you combine it with once you start seeing results is up to you.


I’ll def get AM out of other Alpha programs. It might be a good starting point at this stage. Sounds like SM is a rather powerful subliminal :grinning:. A sub to keep in mind for sure. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.