Emperor Ongoing Journal


Whats good guys,

I’ve just bought my first subliminal - Emperor - and look forward to getting started.

I’m under no illusions that this will be a long process of development, but want to document my journey from the beginning. That way, future reflective work will be more accurate.

Currently where I’m at: I’m generally a confident outgoing person, but underneath the outward persona I can force in social situations, there is deep rooted feeling of inadequacy. There is a feeling a “lower status” that I try to overcome.

I’ve always being an ambitious person, but recently feel like my career is controlling me, instead of vice versa.

I’m using Emperor to gain full control of my life. The main focus is, in the long run, leaving my career and beginning my own business/empire. On top of this I want to build and develop a strong social network of many interesting people - much like is described in the book “Never Eat Alone”.

I’m sure the increased attention for woman will also be a welcome side effect.

Stay tuned; I doubt I’ll be updating the journal daily. Perhaps weekly or bi weekly - I want to be able to document an actual change every time I post an update.


As the subliminal begins it’s work on my subconscious, I’ve had a few vivid dreams. Most notably last night, I had a dream in which I was a pretty ruthless drug lord.

Maybe I should question myself as to why this would manifest itself into a dream, as it’s not something I’ve ever being inclined to do.

However, it has raised the question in me…

In the wealth building/empire building modules… are there safeguards, protecting you from wanting to build wealth through illegal activities?

I don’t think the judge would like the use of a subliminal as an explanation for “slinging weight”.

In other news, the sub has also pushed me in the direction of learning covert hypnosis. I’ve always been interested in sales/marketing/influence/persuasion and have read quite thoroughly in these areas previously, but it’s now something I believe I want to dedicate a large amount of time to and gain mastery in.


A quick update from myself;

Emperor is not hitting as hard as expected. Sure, there have been a few times where I become irritable but nothing major.

The main development has been in my socialising. I am much more relaxed in any social setting allowing me to be more playful with my conversations, which is something I am happy to see.

By no means am I anywhere close to being where I want to be social but it’s definitely a forward step.

I’m going to make my goals more concise today to give my subconscious a definite direction in which to head.


I’m starting to feel Emperor trying to push through. There’s points in my day that there is a fire in my belly, a hunger for success and I’m overcome with a great positive action taking energy. It’s fantastic, it’s being a while since feeling such ambition pulsing through my veins; I have this amazing feeling that this is just the beginning, a small portion or taster of the true power I will feel as I begin to rack up more hours of listening.

On top of this, my sex drive has gone through the roof. I’m going through phases of being really horny (for lack of a better word) which has lead to me feeling more masculine and dominant which I’m sure is the sub working on the bring out the “alpha”.

Basically, these two feelings can be summed up into me having a greater passion for life. I’m sure this is going to continue and intensify in the coming weeks.


14 days on.

I’ve been listening to Emperor to every weeknight but taking the weekends off. There is no reason for this except my social life has been a bit full on at the weekend and by the time I’m hope I need to have a decent nights sleep to feel well rested. The sub makes it difficult for this to happen.

Progress is slow, as expected, but it is surely happening. I’ve been going to bars the past two weekend with friends and definitely notice myself walking around much more assured of myself, and getting a lot more female attention.

This last weekend, I was sat in a circular booth and had everyones attention on me without even trying. This was so apparent that a female friend of mine came up and mentioned how I looked like I was “Holding court” - as if I was surrounded by a bunch of admirers.

Throughout the night, I had 4 different woman showing me clear interest. This is not something I capitalised on, because I am in a relationship, but the attention is great for my confidence.

I feel that emperor has definitely helped me with my status, confidence, social skills and alphaness. But I’m still waiting for the “Emperor building” manifestation to surface - I understand this can take a while and I’m prepared to wait.

Emperor has created huge motivation in me, but has not lead me down any particular path to create an empire yet. I’ll keep looking for signs and opportunities. Another things it has not yet stirred up in me is a desire to workout. This is one area in my life I am lacking motivation.