Emperor new journey


Hi all i am fairly new here and have been listening to emperor for four days now. Prior to this i have been listening to various subs from different companies for over 20 years. I have also used different self help techniques including eft, hypnosis, mediation, affirmations etc which have helped over the years but now i am looking to take it to the next level.

My main aim is to improve as a person and take action in areas of my life including relationships, health, money etc which i feel i have held back in the past due to fear and procrastination. I am 43 years of age and have a lot of negative programming due to past events which i would like to clear.

Since using emperor i have been getting a lot of strange dreams which i feel is normal when you first use a sub programme. One situation i remember i was out on the weekend for a few drinks with friends and standing by the door of a bar and nearly everyone person who entered asked for my permission if they could come in. Funny thing is i was not dressed as a bouncer and had a drink in my hand. Maybe its the emperor vibe i am giving off which is letting people know i am the man and they need my approval haha. I am currently working in a full time job but looking for ways to make money online, through passive incomes etc so i hope this sub will push me past the boundaries in whichever field i want to improve in.


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