Emperor - My journey within

I started using Emperor from 18th August 2020. I was thinking to buy this from quite some time and suddenly, I got an first time buyer coupon on sub club site of 30% off. I felt this is the sign to buy this subliminal. I was confused between Emperor or House of Medici and finally made my decision to buy Emperor.

It’s been two days, I’m listening to Emperor and the most importing thing happened. I stopped faping. That was huge for me since I am addicted to it. I don’t feel the urge to fap for which I am grateful.

Then, suddenly, just before I woke up in the morning, I starting thinking of how I used to envy my childhood friend’s life. Things were very easy and effortless for him. He was good in studies, games, is slim, full of life, his parents never stopped him to do anything, he used to go on trips alone, got into good university abroad and enjoying his life.

We both had the same comfortable life but things were easy for him. He had no emotional baggage and I was accumulating a lot of emotional baggage mainly due to my issues I had with my father. I had completely forgotten how I used to envy my friend’s life. I acknowledged it and let it go. I guess I was healing.

I had started few websites since the pandemic started,


These are my websites. I started them before listening to Emperor. So far I am just working on building them, however, I haven’t seen any sales yet.

There was lot of work pending on these sites. I was working on something which would take at least 10 days to complete. However, I got some idea and competed that work in a day. I was surprised to see that happening. It is definitely the work of the Emperor.

I also got lot of ideas flowing in my mind for example, I was searching for an alternate payment source for my online store so I can reach people in other countries other than mine and then it came to my mind that I can accept payment in Bitcoin. This will help me to generate a long term wealth in the future since Bitcoin can become a lead (reserve) currency in the coming age.

So far this is it but I will keep updating my results.


Good luck with your Emperor journey and with your sites! Although… they may be seen as self-promotion, which may or may not be accepted by the local powers-that-be. Just a heads up. Also, welcome to the forum!

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I was big in the affiliate marketing world for a few years. You need to recruit affiliates to promote and mail for you, then capture those emails and market to them.

Join an affiliate network like WarriorPlus.com or JVZoo.com. This will allow potential affiliates to apply to promote your product and easily provide them with the affiliate links and tools.

List your product launch on Muncheye.com and other Facebook groups tailored for affiliate product launches. Heads up, most affiliates are going to want 50%. The key is making the money promoting other affiliate products.

Quickest cash I ever made – almost $1500 in two hours promoting some kind of “Pokemon Go Profits” product. I didn’t even write my own email. Used a swipe file that the affiliate provided.


That’s awesome brother, I myself am just getting my foot into digital marketing/online advertising and sales. If you know any good online platforms to start at, il be grateful. Or any kind of mentorship I’m open to as well. So far I’m completing Scrum study and gonna jump into Google garage.

Welcome to the path of the Emperor.

Thank you for your wishes. Well I just created this to journal my progress. Don’t mean to promote them over here as my target area is only India, since I can accept payments only in INR.

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Thank you so much for your advice. This really helps. Getting lots of ideas these days.


Recent update:

I have just found out that my tolerance is not my weakness, it is my greatest strength. From many years I’ve been trying to run and getting emotionally hurt for tolerating things. Always thinking that my emotions and tolerance are my weakness, never really understood that they’re my strengths.

I was trying to judge myself through other’s perception. Never really thought that acting in a particular way will make others happy but would make me sad. It’s not me and I wouldn’t act like that as it wouldn’t make me feel good.

I feel like strengthening my tolerance level for which I have to practice. I will always remind myself that my tolerance is a gift and it is my greatest strength. I have to remind myself everyday that I am not the person who would start a fight but would want to be the person to end the fight peacefully.

I feel God has given me this gift of tolerance because not everyone can do this. Not everyone has the ability to take peoples tantrums, negativity and criticism and still bless them with love. It’s a big and important responsibility and one need a lot of courage to do this.

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