Emperor+Muay Thai Stack?


Been running Emporor for two weeks as of today, Pretty happy with subtle shifts I’ve been making as far as taking action goes. I’ve been more consistent with my writing, going out (socializing/pick up), and even started taking MMA classes which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. My main goals right now are to build a strong social circle in my new city,( go out 3 times a week minimum), and find a job in sales. I also have a growing passion for MMA and plan on competing this summer and I was wondering if stacking Muay Thai Mastery with Emporir would be overdoing it because of the size of emperors script.


While Emperor is quite a beast, it will also depend on the individual. Some can work with multiple subliminals, some only with one. Some are simply not ready for Emperor yet.

Experiment with it and see.