Emperor Lelouch's Journal (Ascended Mogul Modified + Wanted/EF3 Modified + Wanted Black)

Going to start a journal. Here are the two custom subliminals I started with at the beginning of this year.


WANTED Core // Emperor Fitness ST3 Core CUSTOM

Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Enchanting Smile
Seducer’s Gaze
Alpha Body Language
Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver
Facial Morphing
Moment Immortalized
Ethereal Presence
Harmonic Singularity
A/SPS: Eyesight
Divine Self-Image
Chosen of Venus
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

Ascenced Mogul Core CUSTOM

True Sell
Sacred Words
Dragon Tongue
The Lines
The Streams
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
The Way of ROI
Wisdom Personified

I’ll be posting my results with it so far by the end of this week. I recently swapped the WANTED//Emperor Fitness Custom with Wanted Black.


WANTED Core // Emperor Fitness ST3 Core CUSTOM

Start date Feb 13
Listening only once a day every over day.

Feb 28
⁃ I feel like parts of my body are growing
⁃ My dick is getting thicker and longer. I think the sub led me to taking creatine and L-Citruline.
⁃ It has led me to fix my poops and bloating. Significantly. Nowadays, i go #2 just as fast as I pee because I changed certain habits.
⁃ I can definitely see the changes in my muscles that are happening
⁃ My feet look bigger and longer

March 1st

  • Strangers are going out to be nice to me. Like acts of service.

Cycle 2 - 5 mins listening time for each of my two customs

  • I’m being guided to get the best haircut for my overall face

  • I look so fucking attractive, holy shit

  • My self talk is calling me sexy hot

  • My body is fully relaxed most of the time now. I used to have a knot in right shoulder blade muscle.
    -It’s so much easier to talk to other people

  • Dancing and having a lot more fun even when i’m by myself

  • Enjoying life more

  • I see myself as sexy when I look in the mirror sometimes

  • I think this sub and manifestations have guided me to a healthier body and mind.

  • I have improved my nutrition greatly.

  • I’ve always had short hair but now I’m growing it out. Looks good. Got a new barber who is actually good at cutting hair.

  • My body in the mirror is sometimes sexy as fuck. It’s definitely on its way to my ideal body. This is a confirmation that my body and skeletal structure are changing, I look good.

  • My flaccid size is getting a lot bigger.

  • My eyesight is getting better

  • Yup. My dick is much thicker. And I’m getting hotter, sexier, more handsome too. Damn!

  • Self-talk around handsomeness is improving

  • Started looking into phermones and colognes but rather prioritize going to the mall and getting better clothes.

  • So much easier to talk and hold conversations with my family. My relationship with my family wasn’t the best.

Cycle 3 - 9 minutes of each custom.

My dick is bigger when standing up
Bought a comprehensive looksmaxing guide
My form has improved in a couple exercises at the gym thanks to a cue a guy gave me while he was spotting me.
My mind muscle connection is better and my chest is filling out nicely.
My pictures are getting a lot better. I look good
Yup. My dick is definitely bigger since I started extending, especially my flaccid size
I just realized my self esteem has made SIGNIFICANT progress by leaps and bounds, since I started running the sub.

my neck acne is gone now. Subliminal led me to fixing the root cause which was how I was cooking legumes.


Ascended Mogul Core CUSTOM

I noticed that I am wittier. I come up with the perfect things to say more and more.

Words are flowing through me so much faster. My faucet is opening up nice and wide.

I’m writing a lot faster too.

The way I’ve been talking is so much better. My vocabulary is becoming richer.

I think the ascension part of my custom is making me exhibit higher status sub-communications like body language, vocal pace, and tonality.

So much easier to talk in concise sentences. I speak perfectly during meetings.

I see my coworkers as equals. I’m confident talking now in meetings. I speak up.

My behavior is a lot more alpha — at the gym, how I sit, my commands.

I’m so much more wittier. The perfect words and phrases come out of me effortlessly in conversations.

I’m noticing that i’m a lot more funny.

Had a soccer team celebration. And I was unapologetically myself. I was loud and it feels like the chains that once held me down have now vanished.

I used to have a bad vibe sometimes at work for some reason or another. But now my mind has changed. I’m more positive, i take things day by day, and I don’t get sucked into negative loops anymore.


Cycle from July 13th to August August 5th
Currently on a washout

During this last cycle, I continued with the Ascended Mogul Custom and started Wanted Black.

Wanted Black

  • I posted what happened in the Wanted Black topic thread but here’s some more feedback
  • there’s been two instances where I felt like my body was acting on its own. The first was when i felt my body’s posture and “walk” change. The second was when I was walking to the gym and I was smiling uncontrollably.
  • I went out this past week to a club/bar for the first time in a long time and I noticed significant growth since the beginning of the year.
  • two girls complimented my dancing skills. My friendds also complimented my dancing ability. I was surprised myself because I haven’t practiced in a while, but I felt very loose and was just having fun dancing to the beat.
  • Imo, I was the best dressed guy at the venue.
  • It felt natural being there
  • I spotted 2 girls who were giving me signs to approach them. I didnt act on it tho.

Ascended Mogul Modified

  • I’ve increased new customer revenue by 6k /month which is big at the company I work at because most split tests barely move the needle. I’m currently an advertiser at my job.
  • I was given bigger products to manage split testing. These products bring in almost 7 figures per year if i remember correctly.
  • The way of ROI is making me focus on big needle movers which is great.

Two beliefs that i need to work on is how I view my attractiveness. It’s good when i just received a haircut or is manageable. But when it;s too long, the belief changes. So it seems like an easy fix - i just have to get a haircut earlier about every 3 weeks instead of monthly.


What do you think is attributing to flaccid size?


ha - I was doing two things.

I had my hand form like a C-shape and jiggled my private area when standing up. I did this in the bathroom when i took a shower.

The second thing is using a penis extender. I finally got the routine down, so expect to see better concrete evidence soon… instead of a “looks bigger, seems larger, or a its definitely bigger”.

The fastest gains I saw around my dick size is taking creatine. like DAMN. I didn’t mention this in the previous posts but during one of my last washout phases, I hooked up with an old friend. Dude. She was loving it and I was just proud of my bigger pp hahaha


Washout lasted 6 days (I felt a little sick yesterday so I decided to just rest)
Subliminal Run Start Date: Aug 13, 2023
Subliminal Run End Date: Sept 3 ,2023

Subliminal Stack + Listening Plan:

  1. Ascended Mogul Custom - Every other day for total listening time
  2. Wanted / EF3 Custom - 9 minutes every other day
  3. Wanted Black - I will only listen for 30 seconds whenever I go out which is usually on a Friday or Saturday night. At the moment, the less I listen to this, the more immediate the results are for me.

During this last washout, I felt more social at work and just in general. It used to be sorta difficult for me to talk to people, but now it just effortlessly flows out. I’m honestly so grateful.

I also discovered a few limiting beliefs I had about my speaking/social ability and wealth-building.

Another result from physical shifting that i noticed is that my stomach is basically flat almost all the time. My abs are starting to pop a lot more. I am lean. Also, I’m currently taking care of a big life-long stickin point about my physique. My calves used to be so skinny because I run a considerable amount but now they’re getting so much bigger. Progress baby.

My physique is definetly heading towards my ideal body. Also, I think the right side of my back had this really deep knot but now it’s almost gone… which is making my posture better.

My eyebrows also seem bushier.

I’m also being led to buy a few things for fashion, meditation practices, and general health.

Also, it seems like my social anxiety is near zero or has completely vanished by this point. I’m so grateful :)))))))


The warm days are about to be over in a month or two where I live.

I’m starting to think about what I want to focus on during the cold months.

Right now, I’m on board with creating one custom around physical shifting and body health - LOTS, BDLM, Paragon?. Then, another custom for wealth building, but my current Ascended mogul custom is most likely enough… or just buy EOG or RICH from the main store. We’ll see.


Paragon ended up being counter intuitive to my fitness goals. It made my appetite a little too high



  • Fellas, my butt is plump. Like seriously plump hahaha. So now whenever I put on chinos or slacks, it’ll look good imo.
  • I’ve made a big breakthrough. Neville mentions that the cause of health problems are your thoughts. I’ve had astigmatism develop since i was 4 or 5 years old. It got worse over the years. And based on what happened to me and the thoughts i had during that time, it makes sense why I developed astigmatism according to Louise Hay’s Table of Mindful Healing. This astigmastism is also the reason why I think I developed assymetries throughout my body. So now I know what to do
  • I got a great haircut
  • I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked so fucking hot.

Wanted Black (1 minute of ultrasonic before going to the club)

  • this could be from wanted or WB, but my mindset about approaching is changing. It’s going from a “taking” frame to a “giving” frame.
  • got great reactions from a few girls
  • there were two or three girls i could’ve approached but for didn’t because I think I was trying to find the perfect thing to say. I have to work on that.I know there’s some PUAs that say to approach right away. But I think context matters. Macro >micro. I know for one girl, i should’ve approach right away.
  • I’ve always been authenthic but I think its coming out more

Ascended Mogul Custom

  • my job is going great. Making the company money

I’ve noticed that I speak up a lot more at my job. This was a big sticking point for me. I open my mouth and the right words just come out. This has also been the case in social settings. I think it’s due to dragon tongue.

I’ve done a few things here and there to show myself more love and acceptance.

I have a clearer image of how I want to portray myself - clothes / style-wise / branded material possessions.


Great journal, bro. Man, your results are wild! Congrats! Am sure it will get even better.


Updates: i stopped running Wanted Black. Only ran it for 2 or 3 cycles.

I went back to my 2 Customs.

At this point, I’ve ran them about 9 months.

And I’ve recently taken a 3 week break mainly because I got sick.

Wanted / EF3 Results

Anyway, I got the best haircut that i’ve ever gotten in my life. It goes really well with my facial structure/features. My hair itself and flow is a bit weird so such a big plus that somehow/someway I took a big step towards being more attractive and getting the a very ideal haircut. Now, i really want to see if it can be maxed out more but we’ll see.

Besides that, my calve muscles are starting to look very symmetrical and a lot bigger now. Big win there in my book.

I feel like my face has become more attractive from running wanted all the time. I catch myself in the mirror and more and more times I think im very attractive and hot.

My body has been shifting as well. It’s crazy. To be honest, i think EF and Wanted sort of clashed in terms of body looks. IN the spring time, my body was more bulky and I was lifitng a lot and taking creatine. But then I just stopped taking creatine, my body didn’t feel like eating some days, and it became like Wanted’s Body – which is my ideal body type. I actually have photos saved of what I want my body to look like, and as time passes, my body looks more and more like the photos.

My dick as well, when standing up, has gotten a lot closer to my sitting down length which is longer.

Ive bought shoes and clothes that have upgraded my style in the way i like. So fucking fine tbh.

Ever since I’ve been on this 3 week break, I’ve noticed more and more women looking at me as I walk by, and just respond very well to me.

“Use your personality, your life and who you truly are in the most attractive way possible” I feel like this objective has been especially pronounced in my life.

I also think my voice has changed. It’s much more masculine.

Also, my diet is changing. Ive been pulled towrds a certain direction time and time again. Im going to listen to it and implement the diet changes.

Ascended Mogul Custom Results

I’ve made the company I work at so much more money too. The company is transitioning to more of a real brand. So its a great learning experience.

Advertising itself, the nuances, how context influences, etc … all that knowledge is coming to me. I feel like I’ve gone up a few levels.

The way I speak, talk, and write has been a lot easier. It just flows out of me now.

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I thought I could edit my post title.

I’m starting a new stack:

  • Ascended Mogul Custom
  • ROM
  • and saving one spot for an NLE title

Initially we can. But after a certain number of days, it can’t be edited.

Now you can write down the new title you want for your journal and tag RVconsultant and he will change it for you.

Really nice results :pray:


Well, started Khan Black, RoM, and continuing with the ascended mogul custom.

Khan black has weirdly impacted my sleep. I wake up, my mind is sorta awake, but my body is still tired as fuck. I started off at 11 minutes. Dropped to 7 and today I ran 3 minutes. I plan to run 3 minutes until next week to see how my sleep is.

On another note, my morning wood is crazy on KB.

It’s also probably been a month since I last ejaculated thanks to doing some simple energy work.

So maybe that’s why I felt such a strong pull towards khan black.

Anyway, I’ve also started reading a sex energy book. Let’s see where this leads.


My daily meditations have become a lot more disciplined in a good way. It’s effortless.

Not sure if this comes from RoM, but I started eating without the use of electronics. I noticed that whenever I ate and used a device, my body would tense up and I would eat super fast. It’s probably been ocurring for a very long time but I’m just noticing. Now I’m focusing on chewing my food as if I were extracting energy from it. Visualizing it this way helps tremendously in chewing as much as possible.

Universal laws have been easier to comprehends as of late as well. Good shit.