Emperor In The Making

EmperorQ + Beyond Limitless Ultima + Rebirth Ultima

I was running primalQ for a month. Now chose to have this stack since it makes sense.

  • Adding $2500 to my income through getting new client(s)
  • Improve my vocal speech
  • Move in with my girl

… Are my goals.


Day 1

  • Felt very confident in my sales skills, to the point of wanting to going through everything without looking at the script and it worked out.
  • Naturally relaxed
  • Very high libido
  • Body language is great
  • During the day, I’ve become lazy. I don’t want to work at all… I guess this is the reconciliation. I don’t like it.
  • Feeling a strong urge to add another subliminal, but since I recognize this… I’ll stay clear.

How was your experience with primal

Day 2

  • I’m lazy, reconciliation. It’s like I don’t want to do anything.
  • Lethargy big time, man I wonder why.
  • In my feelings.
  • One thing I realize is that a lot is changing.
  • Regained focus, a bit more zen towards work.
  • Body language was weak but now it’s coming back
  • My emotions are being in check
  • I’m becoming optimistic which wasn’t the case before
  • Hornier than usual
  • I’m tired, even thou I got my sleep
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It was amazing… I got a relationship, I learned to be primal not relying on PUA shit. Sex is out of this world, and rn on a process of starting a family.

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Day 3

Somethings changed…

I don’t know what yet but when I’m socializing it no longer takes a toll.

I’ve been on Emperor before but it’s not like this, maybe it’s because I was communicating with temporary people which made me less social but now I’m more social than ever.

I don’t think about what to say the convos flow naturally… it’s weird. And this is happening with my wifey.(the ring about to come)

I onced mentioned that with her, things are natural, and very deep in terms of bond.

She’s very important in my life.

In terms of work, I’m in an out - I don’t want to work but I want to work. I have ideas of what to do and the energy but I can’t execute.

It’s weird…

Now, ima eat then update later.

Nothing happened, lathery took over.


Day 4

I’m lazy, too lazy for anything…

This reconciliation hitting harder than ever - atleast I don’t have any desire to change subs although the survival sub is very appealing…

Just joking.

I started with personal branding, ima update how that goes.

My drive slowly coming back.

I like this…

My focus is back, I’m improving again. I feel like I’m approaching flow - naturally, sort of.

Day 5

Wake up hornier than ever…

Sex drive increasing - it’s like I’m a teenager again but this time I have kontrol… to an extent, so I think.

My meditations are impressive… I’m not even trying yet I’m doing tremendously well.

I wonder why…

Beyond Limitless has improved my memory beyond recognizable - I improved drastically with my sales script it feels so normal.

Productivity slowed down, mainly because I’m avoiding something I must be doing.

I don’t want reconciliation so ima work now.

Here I am, no reconciliation the second I start EmperorQ - I guess Rebirth does a lot in removing things that need to be removed. It’s not pleasant but it sure does work great.

Body language is impressive and I noticed that I crack a lot of jokes - someone here mentioned something like this.

Losing focus, seems as if I don’t know why I’m doing this for - guess this is where goals come in… by knowing why I’m doing everything for might change the reconciliation I’m having.

Day 6

Reconciliation hitting big time - this is from Emperor and Rebirth.

I don’t wanna do anything…

My ambition is back and my energy… It’s been a while since I was this focused - I like it, I wonder what will happen moving forward.

Back to my old self again… technically it’s new and improved old self, if that makes sense.

Focus and determination - I have it in spades

I lose track of time, it’s like nothing exists except what I’m doing and my stomach lols… I gotta stay full.

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Have you used ascension before?

No I haven’t used it before

Thank you for posting your day to day observations.

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You welcome

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Day 7

I noticed that family and legacy is on my mind a lot now more than ever.

The desire for a stable home is very strong.

I’m motivated and lazy at the same time - lemme explain that, lately I find ways to do difficult takes in easy ways… I hope that makes sense.

Anywho - I’m relaxed, sex drive through the roof.

I got my productivity back…

It’s time I make magick hehe.

I got challenged by my lil bro which I handled to the best of my abilities at the time.

EQ is drawing me into focusing more on my businesses.

I got a new challenge… acquire a business in 5 working days and here’s the thing about this, I have the “I can do” attitude - must be rebirth mixed EQ and BL Ultima. Normally it takes 90 days to acquire one.

With my new mentor… it’s less.

Day 8

I’m impressed about yesterday how me and wifey were a team… even with work we’re partners.

I just woke up…

Load shedding…

I hate waiting on things to happen, it’s making me antsy - on top of that I’m hungry.

Had a huge boner when I woke up, ended up fantasying about my girl which I enjoyed by the way.

Seems like I can now hold a conversation even with my lil brother - I’m not even trying, everything just flows in a way I can’t describe it.

I was practicing my sales script, it’s like I’m just have a normal conversation but with skilled questions… I love this, since it removes the sales pressure and allows me to find problems which I can solve.

Day 9

Rest day started yesterday… nothing interesting to report.

Day 10

One loop…

Felt chilled, nothing much in terms of business but I did take a step forward with online presence.

Is it just me, or does one long for family when on Emperor? Right now, I really want a family with her and she feels the same way… another thing is we’re so compatible even our birth charts compliment each other

I care less about social media unless it’s helping my business…

Created 3 post copy before sleeping at 4am

And I’ve built a relationship with my girlfriend’s daughter to the point that she recognize me as her father… which I like, especially with the father not in the picture.

We even planning to have a baby soon.

I really desire the survival sub, but it’s probably reconciliation so ima ignore it.

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@Myster - your results are really good. Bravo.

Am curious. Do you use any special headphones for Beyond Limitless Ultima and Rebirth Ultima?

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No, I’m using the car speakers

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how many loops are you doing of your stack each? It is possible that you are doing too much…would explain all the reconciliation

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