Emperor, godlike masculinity and supreme fitness

Complete newbie to this site and it’s products.

Is this too much? Also

How would I stack them daily in terms of loops


Probably yes.

First, if you are new to subliminals, starting with a dense program like Emperor and a multi-stage like eFit is a lot.

Second, on Q we generally recommend you start with one loop per day. Even though you are running three different subs, it would still technically be three loops.

Feel free to get all three, but why not start with one?

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honestly because I’ve stuffed a shitton of subs when i first started, regaredless they were all free youtube subs and I got results from all of them despite having to literally cram my head with music all day just to get them in.

secondly because i feel they go hand in hand, summer rn where I am and I’m a gym freak, and it’s that time of year everyone goes out and girls are everywhere and everywhere is packed, winter is a very very very dread time of year where I’m at because of basically being a warzone, being very cold and electricity and gas being very scarce at that time. You get my drift though, It’s a good time to get some daredevil vibes in my blood and use it.

I decided on khan and e fit.

godlike masculinity as a booster, and yeah hopefully it goes well

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Do you have rest days?