Emperor for a married guy (first time buyer)


So I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks I think. Commenting on a few posts but mainly reading people’s journals.

I’m married going on 25 years in October. I’ve been reading all the posts I can about the different products/programs. I think Emperor, Mogul or AscMogul will be the way to go for me.

The reason I’m posting here first is the “I’m married” thing. I’m still in love and all that gooshy stuff, but I will admit I’ve experienced strong attractions to other women but have never acted on any of that.

I’ve basically been a “good boy” since my dad has cheated on every single one of his wives and he sometimes seems cavalier about it, so a large part of that is not wanting to end up like him in that sense.

Emperor V3 sounds amazing in terms of the results others are getting. What are the chances that the sexual stuff in there will change me at a deep/core level and make me more likely to screw around? I don’t WANT to do that I mean. Is there a chance EV3 would just make me better with my wife in terms of sexual prowess?

I’m drawn to EV3 since it has Rebirth in it among others.

Apologies if I’m overthinking this, if there’s a chance that the seemiingly powerful sexual-based parts of Emperor will affect me in a way I don’t want, then I’d look at going with Mogul or AscMogul.

My goals really are to build my own businesses up to the point that I can quit my day job (Customer service wears me down haha). I’ve sure I’ve got some baggage that needs cleared out. Which is why Rebirth and/or Regen are appealing to me.



It’s unlikely that Emperor will increase your urges to cheat. What may happen is increased attraction from all women, including your wife. The increased affection and attention from her may be enough to stave off any urges that arise. Ultimately, you will have to rely on your own will power to stay true.


Thanks, Saint. Sounds like a fun challenge.


Why you chose emperor over eog?


I honestly haven’t looked at EOG reports much. Do you think it’d be better than Emperor?


I dont know. I assumed you took a look in every option thats why I asked


For whatever reason, EOG never came across my radar among the posts. I’ll look through some of the report and stuff to see if it’d be a better match for my goals


@rising, I read up on EOG (the link on the SC site) as well as quite a few journals here. It definitely sounds more in line with my wealth/money goals. So I may go that way.

Question for anyone who knows for sure: Is EoG gender-neutral also?


Yes, women can run EoG without any issues.


It’s a heck of a ride with the EV4. Wealth, women, success, are easily accomplished with EV4 as it seems to ignite a fiery response within you to propel you forward towards greatness. In regards to EoG… it’s basically just wealth.