Emperor Fitness Q with Ecstasy of Gold Q


Yesterday being may 9th I started with both subs!
Each one in Stage 1.
My goals are health, higher energy levels, more physical development and increasing my income till I can afford the life I want.


Some say a little hack would be to want the life you have. Congrats on your new journey! I can’t wait to read your updates!


Thanks for the congrats!!
Im really happy with the life I have, what I meant was, there are things I want to do and experience that requires more money than what I have now.


Awesome goals. Enjoy!


For now Ive experienced a new attitude, I just go do my workout and enjoy it. I pay attention to my body and the correct performance and I have increased levels of focus and energy. Before Emperor Fitness I had this voice in my head persuading me to not exercise, to do something else, and the strugle was exhausting.
When I got myself to do it anyway the thoughts were like, this hurts, im tired, how much longer till i finish.

So great improvement!!

About Ecstasy of Gold, I feel somewhat different but Im not sure what to say about that, its not clear yet. I dont wanna say until I have more evidence.


I dont know how it happened but Im less connected with criticism or negative opinions about me.
Its like Im not taking things personal anymore and Im in control of the frame.
Would that be the effect of Ectasy of Gold?


On the Physical side of things, Im moving forward with my exercise routine, Im doing more reps and even though I experience the same kind of muscular tiredness, my mind is sharper, theres no doubt Im getting results and I feel like im easily moving towards more and better excercise and a healthier body.
Theres no more resistance to excercise, now I feel pleasure before, during and after.


I think it could be either Emperor Fitness or Ecstasy of Gold, or a synergy between the two. It’s not always easy to draw 1 to 1 correlations of subliminal effects. A little bit like trying to follow the journey of one wave as it travels throughout the ocean. (The wave in the metaphor is the message from the subliminal. The ocean is your mind.)

I have not used Emperor Fitness, but I am using Emperor. There’s a particular construct in psychology called ‘Ego Strength’. It refers to an ability to hold and maintain appropriate boundaries of intention, interaction, perception, and ideas. The strength of your walls. I think that Emperor directly nurtures Ego Strength. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emperor Fitness does so as well.

Ecstasy of Gold (like most sublmiinals) must also enhance ego strength to some extent (either directly or indirectly. You can’t really stay ‘on purpose’ without some basic level of ego strength). Ecstasy of Gold also orients you to Value and to your own personal sense of what is Valued and Valuable. This could be another channel whereby a person becomes less concerned with evaluations and criticisms from others. (In other words, Ecstasy of Gold may strengthen your ability to evaluate whether such opinions are ‘worth your attention’.)

This sounds great!!! Glad to hear it. If you continue this way, amazing gains are inevitable! That’s awesome.


Thanks Malkuth, your explanation makes sense to me, its very clear amd precise.
The synergy between the two subs is working really good.
Today I feel like integrating.

Yeah!! It is awesome indeed


Yesterday I took a day off subs as recommended in the forums.
I keep improving my mentality when working out, more focused and more pleasure. Yesterday I was tired cause of work but I thought some exercise would clear my mind and release some endorphines and went right for it.
Its like my mind already accepted the idea that exercising is part of my everyday life now and that feels great.
About what I said before criticism and negative opinions its evolving, I had another experience and it made me laugh, later I thought that the behavior from that person only speaks about her, not at all about me.
I like where this is going.


Whats really cool is that the internal process of my mind seems to have been reversed.
What I mean by that is before I used to decide that I wanted to do excercise and spend a lot of time finding excuses to not do it, and most of the time I bought in to some of the excuses.
Now I just feel like doing excercise and go for it! And if for some reason I try to argue to not do it, I immediately begin to find reasons why I should exercise and how good that will feel for me, and ultimately how it gets me closer to my goals. Before I know it Im excercising!

Ectasy of gold on the other hand seems to be working in a more invisible way, I cant really say too much about it, except for the fact that Im less and less interested in what people think about me. What I assume is an effect of this sub.
I guess I had beliefs about success being measured by other people opinions/approval of me


I relate to this description.

I feel that a lot of what EoG is doing for me is happening invisibly. That doesn’t mean it’s slight. It feels powerful, just invisible.

There are also some clear and obvious parts. But it feels like a special subliminal.


I agree with you! To me it feels like being prepared for something. Like those construction sites that fully close the sight of the work place from the people walking by. You have no idea whats happening inside, until one day you are walking the streets and theres a new building that “suddenly appeared there”.


Man this journal is really wanting to make me try out this combo. I’m on Ascend Mogul Q/spartan Q. I feel like that’s the lite combo to your combo reading this journal.


Ok, some news after a while.

First Ive been listening to subs like 5 days a week and possibly beetwen 2 to 4 hours a day since my last post. That seems to work really good, It wasnt much of a conscious decision but a result of my work schedule. Im working on-line and cant listen to subs while working.

Excercise been good, I feel motivated to work out at least 4 times a week and increasing bit by bit my routine, I have no excuses just pleasure and action.

Workwise I value my services and myself more, I operate from the frame that the sale is already made and the person will surely benefit from the value I can offer them. Before I was affraid and thought they wouldnt want to pay that huge amount of money I charged. Im closing more sales :sunglasses: not a whole lot more yet, but Im moving forwards.


Ok, tomorrow is day 15 with this subs, my plan is to advance to stage 2 on day 16. To do 15 days per stage and then stay in st4 for a couple of months or more.

I know by reading the forums that many people recommend 1 month per stage, but that was before Q tech, also SC creators promote experimentation, and I love experimentation.


Reading again the sales page description, Ive come to the conclusion of moving to Emperor Fitness Q St2 wich is more aligned with where I am in the process, and to keep Ecstasy of Gold Q st1, since the other stages dont include the healing aspect and Im really benefiting from that for the moment
So beginning today:

-EF st2 and EoG st1


When I was in Emp Fitness st1 I was always wanting to excercise, when I took rest days I felt like I was missing out and that was hard, didnt feel good.
Now on st2 its more balanced, at first I though I was loosing motivation but actually I am calmer, when I want to excercise I do it, and when I take a rest day I feel like its as important part of the process as excercising.

About money and EoG the feeling is that Im done with st1, Im no longer afraid about selling my services, and I know my experience and tools are high value.
Moving on starting tomorrow.