Emperor Fitness and Serum X


I have been running Emperor Fitness Supreme for about 100 days. I did Beast Within and Beast Unleashed every morning for about one month. I also ran two loops of stage 1 and 2 for 30 days, and one loop of stage 1 for another 30 days. I am now listening to two loops of stage 3 each day and one loop of stage 2 each day. To add to that, I also have a Terminus Squared custom subliminal with Emperor Fitness stage 4 and Serum X in it. I’ve been running that one for about 30 days. So I’ve been very focused on my workout results. I decided to do some calculations for my body composition. I have a scale that gives a body fat calculation. Based on the scale results, I think I’ve eliminated about 27 pounds of fat and gained about 12 pounds of muscle. My abs are more defined. I can see that my biceps have more definition and more volume. My shirts are fitting tighter.

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for Emperor Fitness Supreme, Serum X, and Terminus Squared!


Thanks for sharing a terminus squared physical change experience!


What effects did you notice from Serum X?


Most impressive!

Was there a change in your workout routine or diet as well during that time, or did you isolate the changes to EF?



I’ll try to give as a complete answer as I can. Overall, I don’t know how much of this was from Serum X. Since I’m running Emperor Fitness and Serum X I can’t honestly say how much of this might be from just Serum X.

What I can say it that the effect I’m noticing that fits well with the Serum X description is that my recovery takes less time. I also recover from any soreness after a workout more quickly.



First a long over due thank you to @DarkEmpress and you’ll know why in just a bit.

I’ve done this workout and similar diet before. When I did this workout and diet before, I did notice changes as in reduced body fat, but the muscle mass increases I think I got recently are more dramatic than before.

So some of these changes I’m confident are from EF and Serum X. I don’t know if they are all from EF, as I also am listening to Serum X. Of course, I’m also pushing myself hard during my workouts, which has been easier to do since EF. My form has improved, too, and that is something EF is supposed to help with.

My eating has improved and it happened so automatically. I literally opened my fridge one day and realize that some how all the foods I should be eating are in my fridge and all the foods I needed to stop eating where just gone! Again, I think that is an effect that is supposed to happen with EF. It’s also easier for me to ignore those tempting things at the store even when I might feel hungry. All those cakes, cookies, candies, chips, crisps, … ever notice how all these things I should stop eating start with the letter c?

The thing that got me convinced to get EF was this post:

I read it and realized part of her results were from EF. I figured that if I got EF, it would be very likely I would get similar results, but a male version. I think that’s what’s been happening.

I think the best way to answer your question is to say that EF has been essential to my success. I know I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to do to get the results I want with my fitness, and with EF it has been easier for me to take that action, and my results seem to have been accelerated. Accelerated because it’s easier for me to take action, and I’m confident there is something in the subliminals that is commanding my body to make the necessary changes because the changes happening now seem to be more dramatic than before EF.


I am figuring that Serum X is also incorporated into Emperor Fitness. Can anyone confirm?


Very likely - not so sure about Spartan though


I really would have guessed Serum X to be an original module. In any case, I’ve got both EF ST4 and Serum X in my custom so this thread is great news!


The issue of Serum X being in EF was something I thought about. My reason for adding it was even if Serum X was in EF, I wanted my subconscious to get the message very clearly that it was going to do what was in Serum X. So any added repetition was an added bonus, I think.

Also I think @Fire and @SaintSovereign have said that we should just add what we want.

There was also the idea that if I added Serum X, perhaps the results would be more general in its application. Whereas if Serum X was in EF, then it might be more for the goals of EF. So I thought by adding Serum X even if it was already in EF, I thought I would get a general effect of Serum X, as well as the Serum X effect directed more to EF.

So by adding it I figured that even if Serum X was in EF, my subconscious would get a very clear message to do what Serum X is supposed to do, including applying a more general effect of Serum X to my health.


Thanks for the great response, as well as the link to the post by @DarkEmpress, amazing and inspiring results!

I’ve been on cyclical keto with 18/6 intermittent fasting for quite a while now, and I’ve been sugar and grain-free for over a year. I wasn’t super huge, just… bulky. Luckily I’m over 6ft tall so my frame bore it reasonably well, but over the past year I’ve lost just shy of 50lbs. Now I’m not overweight anymore, but I’ve also got virtually no upper body muscles… that’s where I’m hoping EF will come in to help. :wink:

I’ll be doing a custom built specifically for physical fitness, at this point it will be based around EF and a few supporting modules, although I’m quite intrigued as to what Project Hero will be. so I’ll most likely hold off until I see what that is, as it’s been hinted to be related to physical fitness/healing/abilities.

As long as the hero in question is Wolverine and not Deadpool (at least in terms of appearance lol) we’ll be ok. :rofl:



Congratulations on the disciplined eating and your weight lost!

Sugar can be so sneaky. I’ve been reducing my dairy because even that can have sugar in it. For dairy, I’m now just eating cultured butter or ghee.

I’ve also cut out any sweeteners. No erythritol, stevia, “natural essences”, etc. Some people think that any sweetener might cause insulin to elevate, which might hinder fat loss. I don’t know if it’s true, but I figured I might as well be cautious.

My goal is also a keto oriented 18/6. That is, 18/6 is my chosen ideal. I was listening to an interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. on the Joe Rogan Experience. She said that 12 hours for an eating window was good, but she thought 9 hours was ideal. I’m leaning to 6 hours to be more disciplined with my eating. So I’m usually between 6 and 9 hours for my eating window.

Dr. Patrick was talking about how many people think they have a 12 hour eating window, but it’s really closer to 15 for many people. She said that was because anything except water counts as eating because I think she said many things activate the liver. So coffee, herbal tea, vitamins! So when I was drinking plain coffee early in the morning, and starting to eat food at noon, and thinking I was doing 18/6, I was wrong! It was more like 12/12 because I was having that coffee!

Also I will mention that in my EF and Serum X subliminal, I also added the Epigenetics & DNA Modulator. The thing is I don’t know what result I’m getting that I could definitively attribute the Epigenetics & DNA Modulator. However, I’m guessing it’s helping.

The other modules I am listening to that might be helping indirectly with my workout results might be The Architect, Energy Development XI, Overdrive, Natural Winner, Informaticon, Inner Voice, Mosaic, Asclepius, Naturalizer, Deus, Omnidimensional, Atman, Deep Sleep, and Limit Destroyer. These are about health, success, and energy and that’s why I’m guessing they are playing a part.

I too am interested in the Project Hero. Hmmm… perhaps we can pick which hero.


I thought I should add another comment here. My custom subliminal with Emperor Fitness and Serum X is in Terminus Squared.

Please heed the warnings about Terminus Squared!

I know it can feel tempting to get something stronger or more powerful because it’s easy to think that stronger and more powerful is equal to faster and better. I know it might be tempting to get Terminus Squared because of a feeling of urgency or impatience to get results and relief as fast as possible.

If anyone thinks those warning are hype, fear mongering, or marketing, I can tell you from personal experience that those warnings are there as reasonable cautions.

I gradually worked my way to Terminus Squared by starting with Q. Then Terminus. Then Terminus Squared.


Terminus Squared Customs haven’t even been out for that long though…so you must’ve made a leap of faith here that worked out!


I wore a continuous glucose monitor for about 12 weeks and can attest that certain artificial sweeteners (I use erythritol) does not raise blood sugar at all for me, although the other one I use (d-ribose) did slightly. I added coconut milk powder to a smoothie once, and it spiked my blood sugar to 7.8 within an hour… normally it’s around 4.5.

My eating plan is quite similar most days:
12oz Bulletproof coffee any time between 9am-10am
Typically a salad with some protein (salmon or grilled chicken) at lunch, other days I have 2 eggs with half an avocado and some chopped vegetables (today was green pepper)
Dinner is almost always a big salad with about 3oz of either beef, chicken, or prawns.
All meals have at least a tablespoon of C8 MCT oil.

I track everything to maintain a proper caloric load based on my BMR and goals, and do a macro ratio of 70% fat and 15% each for carbs (all veggies) and protein.

I’m basing my count of 18/6 fasting on glucose metabolism and not liver function, simply because my goal was/is fat loss and overall energy, and it seems to have worked out pretty well for me. I even went out for a cheat lunch at my favorite burger place on the weekend, and 2 days later I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been at in at least 10 years, maybe longer. More importantly, I’m at the lowest bodyfat % (subcutaneous and visceral) I’ve ever measured.

Great selection of other modules!



Thanks for the detailed response and info! Congratulations on doing your N=1 research!

Here is an article I refer back to occasionally by one of my favorite keto experts, Dr. Phinney:



Thanks for the comment about my faith! I do appreciate it! TBH, I actually had a lot more fear than faith. I was afraid of headaches and the other odd reports. Especially, that dream of vomiting tacks had me worried.

In retrospect, cautious monitoring and gradually increasing the build strength were important keys I think.

I gradually increased my exposure to stronger builds, one at a time. First Q. Then Terminus. Then Terminus Squared. One step at a time. Monitoring my results, any plateaus, and how I felt. I noticed which programs I had been running for awhile, what areas were stagnating, and what places in my life did I already have growth I wanted to accelerate. I noticed what was on my playlist and how long I had been listening to it. All of this guided what I did.

I upgraded all my playlist to Q when it first came out. Then added StarkQ Terminus. Then got a Terminus custom. Then had that same custom done in Terminus Squared.

Gradual change. Step by step. Cautiously monitoring.