Emperor + Ascended Mogul + Primal


Listened to emp for 4 hours whilst sleeping then followed with Ascended Mogul for another 4 hours followed with another 4 hours of Primal.

Result of that: Whenever I would read, “Society wants u to think money is evil”, I would think “Haha idiots, money is NOT evil”. Little did I know… I subconsiously DID beleive money was evil, what the fuck? Now my body is fighting against this evil belief by legit squeezing and tightening against it, pushing it out of my body.

Also, I feel an extremely deep calm which is soothing, as if a cold waterfall is pouring down on my heart. I’m a social genius. My parents and friends have very well realized and noticed the dramatic results.


Not a great plan


Some say money is the root of all evil and there’s truth in that. But in fact the LACK of money is the root of all evil.

Even though the monetary system is put in place for one reason only - control & enslavement.


Money is conpletely neutral. Like a gun. Its all in the hands of the beholder. You can eithrr aim that gun at the innocent children or you can aim it at the guy that is about to kill the innocent children, capische? It’s merely human greed.

And i 100% agree about the monetary enslavement bs. Because back then, wealth was found almost only in the wild i.e. gold, silver, land, livestock etc. Now that these fuckers have sold the world that money is printed paper, they have the world in their hands.


The entire of scripts of Ascension and Mogul are already in Emperor so I don’t see a need to add Ascended Mogul to that. Whatever Ascended Mogul does, Emperor would do better imo.


Emperor needs longer


True but also heavier


Emperor has turned me into a viscous alpha. I attack anyone that dares annoy me. I throw middle fingers in photos. I put females in their place.

But now… I’m being hit by M A J OR reconciliation… such as: “Oh my god… did I really say that? Oh but it’s okay, IS IT!!! OH MY GOD… Nah, IT’S FINE, WAIT WHAT??? I SAID THAT AHHHHH”

Right now, I said something ballsy on facebook, people are tripping. But they’re all females. Fucking females tryna bring me to their level again



My reconciliation is hitting me so hard that I’m doing a compulsive dance.