Emperor / Ascended Mogul and Primal


Hey there everyone! I’ve been an irregular user of a few competitor subliminals , I’m sure you can guess who they are . I’d get motivated after reading about a few good results , and then I’d read about the vast majority having no results and would stop using after a while. I’ve heard that SubClub is different , and I’m hoping they are different . My sub history has been a few trusted YouTube channels , and irregular use of the rival ‘aura’ sub. I’m planning to buy Primal and either Emperor or Ascended Mogul and stack them both. The reason I’m hesitant is because Saint Soverign said that Emperor and PRIMAL would be an interesting stack , but wouldn’t necessarily have bad results , I’m just a bit concerned about that and I’m considering Ascended Mogul instead. Could you guys please let me know your opinions? I would really love to know how a stack of Emperor + Primal would work. Have a great day!


12-18-18 @ 9:10 AM;
Hi there Water, and welcome to Subliminal Club. I for one came here in search of something that works better than that other competitor. What I like about Sub Club is that yes you can stack their subs, and there’s no “waiting period” when you switch from one to the other. I myself don’t have Emperor or Ascended Mogul, but I would recommend you start with Ascended Mogul instead of Emperor, as from what I’ve read from other members, AM is not “harsh” for newbies as Emperor might be. You can always stack AM with Primal, and when you’re ready to grow even more, upgrade to Emperor in the future.

P.S. The only thing I would not recommend is to mix Sub Club’s subliminals with subliminals from a different sub maker. In other words;
Stacking subliminals just from Sub Club = Good
Staking subliminals from Sub Club + other sub maker = Bad


Agree give Ascended Mogul ago for a month first and see how things ago. Then if your happy with that begin stacking other subs on top of Ascended for listening.