Emperor and working a 9-5?


So still running Emperor and loving the results. Due to my current financial situations (need to start paying off my thousands and thousands of student debt), I need to start working a 9-5. I had a month off which was great but it’s almost time for me to return. It’s in a great field that has a lot of potential for growth financially and professionally, but I’m wondering if that aligns with the goals of Emperor.

An Emperor create his own empire and doesn’t work for anyone else when he could just fully utilize his potential, correct? This is still my ultimate goal long-term, but short-term I cannot invest all my savings when I need to pay off my debt (college is a scam btw; anyone young reading this: stay away). Will this create conflict, and should I switch my stack to something more suitable? When I was working my job and starting Emperor, I was noticing some days I didn’t want to be there and felt like I should be doing my own thing on my own time. Could just be the initial reconciliation but still. I don’t want to sub hop cause I’m loving the results and feel like I should get my exposure, but I feel like Khan or Asc Mogul is more suitable to my current situation.


It depends. There have been employed people that did quite well on Emperor. It is important to set your goals for the sub. If you make it clear to yourself that your short-term goals are to stay employed rather than branch off on your own, you likely will without any reconciliation to tell you otherwise.

You may find opportunities to start a side-business though. Saint and Fire started SubClub while both having jobs (I believe they are both still employed as well, although they have likely attained positions that allow them a lot of freedom), and you could discover great opportunities to start something too without leaving the immediate stability of your day job.

With that in mind, Emperor may make you more uncomfortable if you are in a very restricted job without any growth potential. Emperor needs you to grow, to express yourself, so a tiny cubicle phone job wouldn’t be the best match. In that case, you could very well experience those feelings that you could be doing more with your time.

Do keep a journal so you may notice if you are at any time becoming a bit irritable towards co-workers or managers, just in case. That way, you can pay extra attention in order to keep the working relationships healthy. PCC might be a good combination there.

Good luck!

PS. Do stay open to the possibility that Emperor may manifest an opportunity to pay off those debts without needing the job. Many roads lead to Rome.


I appreciate the insights. This job will teach me a lot of technical skills and knowledge and will allow me to grow professionally for sure. Maybe not vertical growth in the organization but it will open up other doors and opportunities IF I utilize resources and take advantage of the situation. I plan on adding QL and Khan in the future but it seems too early for that now.

I’ll keep journaling and will post any useful revelations in my public journal.