Emperor and Spartan Journal Now With Primal and Khan



Improve my dating life
Learn to define boundaries so people do not take advantage of me
Get myself into shape
Get over my self esteem issues as I as deep down I believe I am ugly looking but I know I am not.

Location: I am expat who lives in a small city in Bulgaria

Week 1

1 x loop of Rebirth
x 5 loops of Emperor (masked)
x 4 loops of Spartan Apex (masked)
x1 loop of Aura (masked)

Within a couple of days of listening to Spartan Apex. I felt a huge motivation to hit the gym.
Within days Emperor had kicked in I felt that “alpha internal foundation” kick in

After work I heard Emperor talking to me to go out and approach girls however way possible just get yourself out there

Approached 4 girls one of them handed me her number and took her on a date a few days later.
She was up for having sex however when I got her back to my place I had problems getting an erection so I made excuses and sent her home via taxi. It was strange like my libido had vanished.

Week 2

1 x loop of Rebirth
x 5 loops of Emperor (masked)
x 4 loops of Spartan Apex (masked)
x1 loop of Aura (masked)

Met up with a friend who brought along his friend. His so called friend was a complete arse hle. The previous time we met he attempted to belittle me. I said to myself that is never going to happen again.

The moment we met he attempted to belittle me before he could do that I put him in his place and he completely shutup. I was pleased that I had stood up for myself thanks to Emperor.

On the gym front my bench press had improved remarkably I was now pushing 10kg more then last week.

On the dating front I approached two girls sat in a coffee shop. On opening them they giggled I introduced myself and try to vibe with them. They went quiet as I tried to ask them questions eventually I made my excuse and moved on. Hit on two more girls but they blew me out.


Week 3

Had some ups and downs in the last few days. Since I was getting a lot of blowouts from approaches and flakes I was beginning to feel that perhaps because of my dark brown skin. Girls in this part of Bulgaria view me as migrant and thus not dateable. Thoughts in my head began to pop up maybe I am just not that good looking compared to all the blue eyed caucasian guys around me.

Part of me believed this and I got upset and angry. I am in good shape and dress really well. So I thought this cannot be the case. I had also spent alot of money on coaching back in the UK and was told that my approaches were good.

I really need the IDAF attitude so I dialed uo on listening to Emperor and Rebirth together with Sangaine.

4 x loop of Rebirth
x 6 loops of Emperor (masked)
x 4 loops of Spartan Apex (masked)
x2 loop of Aura (masked)
X1 Sangaine

I woke up feeling better after listening to my stack. The reason for me to dial up on the aura was to at least somehow I could raise my status in the eyes of those around me.


Week 3 Updates

Quick updates on gym developments. I have began drinking more water and this morning over the last few days, whilst dead lifting at the gym I was able to lift 10kg more which is a great accomplishment.

My IDAF attitude is back !


Week 3 Updates

Today the subs seemed to have really sunk in. I felt like an emperor nothing scared me it was like I penetrate the world and forge my own reality no matter what.

There were two women chatting at the coffee shop. One was really hot I watched their behaviours and spontaneusly engineered an opener I think approached and broke the ice.

Both girls smiled we chatted then one of the girls handed over her business card. I left very pleased with myself. Unfortunately i managed to lose her business card WTF shit happens guess !.

I went into the grocery store and asked for assistance. The girl spoke broken english and said sorry cannot help. As she walked away words just came out of my mouth the words “Come back here I havent finished with you yet”. She immediately turned and walked back to me. I then insisted she helped me and she did. It was like Emperor was telling me hey black adder when you mean business you mean business dont let people walk away or walk over you.

Being a I.T freelancer an agency called me about a job offer I demanded a specific rate and told them please do not waste my time if you cannot offer me what I am worth they complied.


Week 3 Updates

Carried on listening ti my existing stack

4 x loop of Rebirth
x 6 loops of Emperor (masked)
x 4 loops of Spartan Apex (masked)
x2 loop of Aura (masked)
X1 Sangaine

Feel very comfortable in my own skin. I feel lile the alpha guy i always wanted to be. Self Esteem has gone through the roof.

I had women staring at me which makes me think the aura module is working its magic. I think the aura modules works more efficiently when you are comfortable in yourself. When I look at women in the eye it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Older women smile at me whilst younger women seem to show submissive behavior when I look at them and admire them for their sexual beauty.


Experienced some horrible dreams related to my mother and events of the past. I woke up feelibg angry and snappy. Guess the rebirth is really digging in deep.


Week 3 Updates

I think that Emperor might be conflicting with my Spartan stack although this is is early days. Perhaps I just need to increase the number of loops of Spartan. I do not feel a strong motivation to go to the gym compared to a few days ago. The inner voices seem to be guiding me to more sociable, east healthier and focus more on my dating life but I am not going to be social just for the hell of it.

The anger and snappy attitude seems to have waned. Now I am back to being that pure alpha guy who lives life on my own terms.

Three weeks ago I was conscious of people staring and looking at me. That is all now in the past. I give fearless strong eye contact which comes natural to me. Its just who I am.

I use to look at myself in the mirror alot now its a quick inspection in the mirror after I have shaved and I am ready to go out. Who gives a f**k what I look like is my atitude right now. If they have a problem in the way I look thats their problem.


Week 3 Updates

I know I need to get my dating life sorted however my attitude seem to be know need to take this area of your life so seriously. I did approach two women today however one could not speak english and the second one smiled, giggled and moved on. Even though there were no results from both cold approaches I did not feel fazed thanks to what I believe Emperor has done.

I did finally get myself down to the gym and weighed myself. Looks like I have put on 2kg in the space of a week. This is probably due to me increasing my water uptake.


My Emperor, Spartan, Rebirth, Sangaine, Aura sub seems to have wiped my plate clean. Next is to focus more energy on my dating life. Even thought I have purchased Primal Seduction. I am going to go back to SS masked and see what it can do for me. I will add SS 2 loops to my existing stack.


Are you going to be running anything with primal seduction blackadder i have just finished 2 months of regeneration so i will run primal seduction with spartan


@Slickman Not sure yet. The current plan is to drop my existing stack on 27th March and run Primal Seduction. As i have to get my dating life sorted.

You probably already know that Primal Seduction does have a light version of Spartan ?


The plan was to add SS to my Emperor, Spartan, Rebirth, Sangaine, Aura stack.

However due to the differences in sound quality its difficult to listen to with my existing stack.

I am going to shelve SS till Primal Seduction comes out.

Spartan pushed me to the gym tonight even though I wasn’t in the mood for a workout.


Week 3 Updates

What i noticed over the last few days is my needy smile has vanished. I use to put on a smile to gain acceptance from people around me. Women use to pickup on this and never smiled back.

Now its like i smile on my terms only. The effect is men and women smile back to get acceptance from me.


Emperor on a daily basis reminds me to take action outside my usual routine. As each new experience creates a new “synapse” in my brain which helps ingrain new habits.

These include talking men and women, pushing heavier weights, If i doubt myself i just go ahead and do it regardless of what the outcome. Each time i do this emperor rewards me and makes me more courageous.


Week 4 - Day 24

I woke up feeling alittle down this is to be expected when running Spartan\Emperor and Rebirth. When I a saw a guy giggling and holding hands with his girlfriend I thought to myself why can’t that be part of my reality. This morning at the gym was very intense felt alittle insecure whilst talking to the guys and girls at the gym. Despite that I used the “fake it till you make it concept” putting up a front that I was my normal cool emperor self.

Decided to dial up my emperor and rebirth listening as I want to focus on being emotionally healthy.


Ran 2 loops of emperor before heading out. It helped pit me back into a good mood. Emperor is like a wing man who tells me to pull myself together and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Got a reply back from a girl i met on the street yesterday. Pinged her to come out for a drink later.

Once i am comfortable and in a good mood
Everyone around me is nice and polite to me. My bantering with the staff at the coffee shop was flawless it flowed so naturally.


Week 4 - Day 25

The next few days I am running the following as I want to complete clear my head in preparation for Primal Seduction beginning decided to remove Spartan and run with this stack for another week.

x 4 Rebirth
x 6 Emperor

Woke up feeling really good about myself. Towards the afternoon had a serious argument with a friend of mine which left me really shaken. The same night I fell asleep had a strange dream where Robert Deniro was sat in bar with me having a drink. He said “listen BA pull yourself together the sun will rise next day ok stop being so down” he gave me a big smile then left.


The morning was stressful. Another change I have noticed is that when I got stressed I would give in and masterbate to porn now I do not do that. A voice inside me whether its rebirth or emperor kicks my arse and tells me to stop feeling sorry for myself and never give up despite how bad things might get. Masturbating to porn is the worst kind of escapism.

Instead I decided to run two loops of emperor whilst working out at the gym.

When people use to remark I look so serious especially girls I would take it personally and wonder why I was so serious. This time I noticed a girl I know who works at the phone shop. Commented “Ohh you look so serious”. I replied playfully “Ohhh do you want to see my super serious look it will burn your eye balls out” she laughed. I do not give a f**k whether people think I look serous or not.


Having more strange dreams. One was of me wrestling with a python. A recticulate python which is one of the longest snakes in the world.

Other then that nothing else astounding to share in my journal.


Week 4 Day 28

I was.walking down the street and 2 guys were making racist remarks to a homeless guy.

I got angry with their comments and immediately walked over stopped both of them and challenged them.on their behaviour. They began denying they had made racist comments. So i gave them both a long hard stare then walked away. What I immediately noticed is that I was able to confront them without fear.

Under normal circumstances i would have got nervous but this this time i had no fear. It may have been a very reckless to do but i did it .

Its almost like Emperor is removing all the blocks and allowing myself to be the guy I want to be.