Emperor and Sanguine


Hello I was wondering if emperor and sanguine would be a good combination, I was thinking of
Emperor 2X
Sanguine 1x


It depends on your goals and needs. In general, it’s a good combination. What are your goals then? I’m asking since maybe we could advise you to use something else.


Be confident , no anxiety and attractive


It’s great but you may get more than you’re asking for with it :wink: be ready for that - Emperor ain’t very easy to run at times. But you should be Gucci :ok_hand:


Well, you’ve found your perfect stack to start with then. Fasten your belts! :slight_smile:


Maybe Ascension would suit your goals?


To attain the goals he chose Ascension would do to. He would get the results faster since the program is focused on fewer objectives. Emperor is much more complex and demanding, focused on much more goals. If it’s his very first sub, you might be right and Ascension should be a better choice.


It is for me so far. This is my nightly stack plus PS


Ok boys so ascension and sanguine ?


It depends really on what your goals are.

If you just want the above then Ascension would do. If you want more then it depends.

Another factor here is your experience with subliminals. How experienced are you? Although Emperor would be great, it is not recommended for beginners.


I’m new to sub club, not new to subs in general tho


Just like what they suggested, go with Ascension and SanguineU. SC subs are a whole different breed of subs.