Emperor and Limitless Stack!

Yo! I’m a computer engineering student about to get my masters. I’m just starting out with subliminals and nlp. My main goal is to be as productive as I can while creating my businesses as a life coach, personal trainer, author, and software/hardware engineer. I bought limitless and emperor, but emperor is starting to sound like it’s not as potent as I want it(sort of like diluted potion). Is emperor a good idea to start with or should I get Ascended Mogul or something? Could I still achieve the same results if I just stick with it?

I’ve been listening to both Emp+LL for 2 days(20 hours straight on a playlist loop), and my dreams are incredibly vivid. I woke up last night puzzled. My mind was creating solutions in my dream. Even after I woke up realizing it was a dream, I became frustrated because I couldn’t remember the problem I was solving. Somethings definitely happening. Please give me some answers in the question above. I’ll post later!


Emperor is for those who want to build empires. It is merciless in what it sets out to do, so be ready for things to change.

It can definitely help you with your businesses, but it will also help you massively grow as a person. It is not only a status, sex and wealth subliminal, but very much so about evolution as well.

Since you want to be a life coach, that means you’re gonna have to continuously improve yourself - which Emperor can definitely help you with, and Limitless can help you learn it all much faster.

If you’d like help with business side of things mostly, Mogul is where it’s at.


It’s only day 4, and I feel more energetic, purposeful, and charismatic. I’ve added ascending mogul, and I noticed I’m becoming very straight forward. I’m don’t hold back from saying things like it is(or how I see it). The results are definitely noticeable. I wonder if I should try subbing in S&S for Limitless or Ascended Mogul. I’m trying to find a sweet spot, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

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Please continue posting your progress. I am interested in the same stack but right now I am on limitless only. On day 5 so far and lots of vivid dreams. I will be posting a journal after more noticeable changes appear and from there I will be starting a stack of emperor and limitless after ~30 days of limitless.

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How much subs would you recommend stacking? I have Emperor and Limitless, but I want to add Primal, S&S, or Ascended Mogul to it.

Also, when does Primal get released?

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Hmm, I wouldn’t go over 3 subs.

Most of our subliminals will build off each other, giving unique and specific effects to their mixes, but this is also dependent on the person running the subliminals.

Some people can run 4 with no problems, some will be overwhelmed by 1.

As a general guideline, wouldn’t go over 3, and add them gradually to see how you fare.

As for Primal - https://www.subliminalclub.com/product/primal-pre-order-w-bonuses-ends-12-15-18/