Emperor and Entrepreneurs


Hello there!

I am currently using Emperor + Primal Seduction, but Emperor is the main sub from my stack. I’ve chosen it because I am starting my own business and I liked the entepreneurial side of it. Of course that the alpha male part is also good, but my main goal is becoming a sucessful entrepreneur and having my own business.

But I want to know from you guys. Is there any entrepreneur here in the group that is using Emperor for more than six months? If so, have you noticed any change in your mindset as an entrepreneur? How did the sub affected your behaviour running or starting your own business?

I’m noticing some changes in this area, but they are still very slow. Maybe it is because of some bad beliefs about entrepreneurship and having your own business that I got from my family. They are not the risk taker type.

Anyway, hope to hear the experiences from the entrepreneurs of the group.


There are no such term as a slow progression. It’s all how you perceive, and what you do with the feedback you’ve gotten to outgrow the pace that you’re living in. Entrepreneur side? Yes. I’ve seen an enormous change followed by stupendous growth rate in just a short interval of time. Not even closed to a month, and result was imminently cleared to date.

In regards to the mind, yes. I’ve seen noticeable changes on how I react to people, to business partners, to the job at hand, as well as to any other business opportunities that arise contemporaneously.

My advice? Don’t treat failure as a form of re-conciliating factor. There is no such thing as a failing subliminal (Specifically with endorsement from so many users, tag along with the confidence of the producers). It’s all about YOU.

You want results? Get your ass back into the game, and ride out the storm. You see storm coming? What’s your response? Absorb the positive and banish the negative.

My quote? How can you fail when you’ve the subliminal acting alongside with you? As if you are walking with a mentor, how CAN YOU FAIL UNLESS YOU FAILED YOURSELF?