Emperor and Chosen

So i saw this and i was wondering, how can one know which one to use? Like if you lack the dominance you use emperor or that means you are more suitable for chosen because you are suited for a different type of alpha title?

You could read through the each subliminal’s listed objectives and see what sub you think is the best fit for your situation and goals.

I have been running Chosen and Emperor at the same time, and it feels like my subconscious gives a lot more attention to Chosen than Emperor. It’s impossible to know though, but that’s how it felt.

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Emperor is a great all around sub that deals with more things than just dominance or status. Emperor deals with status, wealth, sex, social dominance, work ethic, etc. Chosen has no direct scripting for sex or wealth, to my knowledge. It’s a leadership and status sub.
Therefore it should be pretty clear which one you should use. If you don’t see all the results from Emperor it doesn’t mean that they won’t come. It’s one of those subs that takes time.


Thank you @ksub and @Becoming for your answers. I did read the sales page and objectives again. I realize that they are two different subs with different goals with some similarities. What I’m more puzzled about is that why would saint give these two as examples saying:

“If you choose Emperor when you know Chosen is a better choice, there is no possible way that the subliminal is going to force you to accept Emperor’s scripting.”

How is chosen going to be a better choice for someone than emperor or vice versa. It seems to me that they are two different subs that you should run both.

I understand what you guys are saying, that if you want more all around results emperor is way to go. What i still don’t understand is, if you want emperors objectives but your personality is more aligned with Chosen, what do you do then?

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Your run Emperor. We might naturally mesh better with one sub or another but one large point of subs is to have access to results, goals, objectives, ways of being that are NOT natural to how we wound up or are outside our normal scope.

Now we may not actually see which subs will have us most effective at reaching our goals (in certain moments)
For instance ROM moved me faster than Emperor or EOG towards wealth/ career breakthrough. I was primed for it but still.

Khan has had me more effective at networking and coaching then Chosen or in cases HOM.
And Chosen is freaking great for coaching and HOM is incredible for networking.
You’ll discover what’s best for you by spending time with each sub.

The better choice initially is for which subs goals and objectives align with the goals and objectives you want.

My personality is more aligned with Chosen and I run Emperor because it’s goals and objectives are more aligned with my goals and objectives currently. And because I want to and it still works. I’ve been running Emperor since before Chosen existed. It’s a little more complicated with ZP- for reasons I don’t understand around the sub not letting you ‘lie’ to yourself. My 2 cents is don’t worry about it and run what you want to run

If your in a position where status, positivity and leadership are the utmost important or the lynchpins to your success run Chosen, if you want to overall prioritize yourself, your goals, and your time with a focus on wealth - lone wolf work/entrepreneurship, with a side of romance- go Emperor.

All Saint is saying is that a sub won’t ‘force’ you to accept scripting that is not aligned with your true goals, or desires. If you genuinely want something, see it would support your goals, or are interested enough to run it, it’s likely a totally fine fit.


Or maybe Chosen just feels better than Emperor. Chosen has a lot of scripting oriented to feeling good and positivity and Emperor is pretty cold when compared with it. :blush:

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It could be that. I always feel good after listening to Chosen.

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Same here after listening to CFW. :heart_eyes:

Anyhow, it’s best to choose what subliminal suits YOU best when it comes to who you are and achieving your goals. You need to know what kind of hero you need to become to achieve your goals and then choose the sub that will help you change into that hero in the easiest and most effortless manner. For example, if you’re not a really dominant and ruthless guy but rather a friendly and social type of person it’s better to run Stark to get rich and build your empire (or the lifestyle of your dreams) than Emperor. Or if you’re a taciturn and not really social guy it’s better to choose Wanted and/or Libertine than Primal Seduction. The latter would be rather for a guy with nice social skills and who enjoys socializing.

@JKL That’s what Saint meant and you just cut it out of the general context.


Thank you @Azriel and @Voytek i understand it better now! I think i just got confused when i saw two somehow different subs being compared.

Both of yours examples were really eye opening which helped me get rid of my confusion.

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You’re welcome, mate. :slight_smile:

The key is to be accepting towards your “archetype” (personality), cultivating it (aiding yourself with subs that match you), and "employing” it to your advantage rather than about trying to bend it to the ways you’re used to fulfilling your needs and desires or building new ways using subs that “don’t match you”. You need to work with subs that will help you change those ways and means so that they suit who you really are, how you are and who you’re “meant to become” (your superhero=your ideal you). For example, if Emperor is far away from who you are then running it would be really difficult and time-consuming and in the end you could not achieve what you’ve wanted and desired. If Stark is your “archetype” (or just next to it) then employing it to your goals would be the best way to go.


The supposed “coldness” that Emperor allegedly has no longer exists in the ZP versions.
It’s almost like Emperor ZP and the pre-ZP versions are different products.