Emperor 2 Journal


I was excited to see the release of Emperor 2 and decided to pair this with my listening of Primal on set and forget.

The next morning as I walked into the shop a girl who works there speaks a broken English suddenly said “ohhhhhh”.

I turned to her thinking WTF ?. I asked her if she was ok. She replied “Ohhh I felt some kind of power hit me”. I was rather puzzled by this comment. As there was no-one else there apart from me. Surely this cannot have been Emperor at work ?


That’s a great experience @blackadder

Are you pairing up Primal and Emperor v2 with any stacking modules?


I should stack with rebirth thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:


In my stack I am currently running 2 X Emperor and 2 X Primal followed by Rebirth x2.

Today I walked into the coffee shop. I saw the manager sat down by herself she is in her mid 30s. She turned smiled at me and beckened me to come over and sit at her table. I sat down with her and she began talking about how she enjoyed the new year and asked what I got upto.

Now the strange thing is as the conversation progressed it got deeper. She began churning out her whole life story to me. She said that she had married young and might one day seperate from her husband.

I asking myself where is this conversation going. She is revealing stuff about herself which I believe people only reveal to close friends.The conversation went on and on an then I made an excuse and left. As I do not have time to sit with someone so long.

At the gym women looked down at the ground when I looked at them. Guys appeared to be more friendly with me I could feel my core confidence rise as I began pushing my boundaries. One of the guys was about to jump on a machine I was using I snapped but the calmed down a second later and said “I am using that machine come back in 5 min” he smiled agree and walked away.



written all over you :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you train with the guy together, I love to train together and make new connections in the gym :slight_smile:

Or do you consider the gym ‘you time?’

Just curious.


I choose to train by myself and not wirh others.


From tonight I will add in the limitless module I just purchased the Beyond Limitless which I am excited to implement on this release. My goals are

  1. To get better with women and dating.
  2. Take more of a leadership role in both work and in certain areas of my life.
  3. To get in super shape before the summer


A friend of mine invited me to his friends wedding party. During the meal we all sat down on tables in the restaurant. Whilst I was having a chat to the guy next to me. One of the women who was married in her mid 30s turned to me looked me in the eye and gave me a very seductive look she held the gaze for 5 seconds. There was no smile. She then turned her head away.

One guy came in with this girlfriend. I knew them both the girl gave me a big smile I walked over to greet them. Smiled at the guy and offered a handshake. The guy didnt even smile he just gave me a very serious look whilst his girlfriend kept smiling at me. I didnt understand why he was acting this way ?. I was not trying to chatup or shag his girlfriend ?.

Later two girls both children who were no more then 12 years old came over and began staring at me.

Anyone experienced what I experienced ?


Yes. Particularily men being kinda weary of me (two neighbours, husbands did not even said hello last time I met them with their wives), women doing everything I ask and listening very focusedly and children being 50/50 disinterested/interested in me… even going as far as sometimes being fascinated and being drawn to bug me. People with kids say something along the lines of - ‘‘she never even plays with her aunts and is weary… but she acts like you’re her dad’’ (because, I think, I act like a fun dad myself).

I do, however, like to play. And kids really like amazing and colorful stories, which I sometimes can tell, which those sometimes give me a chance to add some great lesson in there… I always reward curiousity in the stories(I try not to focus on anything else, as I am not someone who can for sure say I know life… apart from that being curious helps). Man, how fast did I turned ths into pulling my own chain, heh.

Yes, I have the same experiences. I had these before V2, but V2 is different.

P.S. Yes, the staring kids thing is creepy. Although, I’ve had this before Emperor. Always lift up your eyebrows very fast and let them down, when kids does that. It’s a silent hello (dogs do it, when trying to get food… it says subconsciously ‘‘I am your friend’’)


@vadc Thank you for chiming in perhaps he was jealous or his insecurities came to the surface when I approached them both.

@Fire is this the case running Emperor in tandem with Primal might make some men jealous ?


I don’t know about the stacking with Emperor. But Primal on its own is making men respect me, suck up to me, listen to me, open up to me, respect me, and want my approval. I did not feel any jealousy from any men. They just seem fascinated by me and want to become my friends. I am not running Emperor, only Primal, so I cannot comment on the effect of Emperor.


I was thinking - maybe it’s because she dropped down her guards completely. You know how when you have a friend going with you, when you want to buy something, he uncponsciously takes the role of being the adversary to salesman? He’s like your co-pilot, lol, and have to reinforce a good buy. :smiley: Maybe women drop their guards around you and he suddenly has to take the position of being the critical one.

It seems about right, but also completely absurd in theory.