Emp4primsedspart + uapccreg


Started Emp, Prim Sed and Spart on Friday. I figure I will get 4 to 5.5 hours with each of these titles per day. This is the main stack that runs all the time at home. At work I am continuing to run Ultimate Artist and Power Can Corrupt + adding Regeneration. The idea behind this is that these are more relevant to work and I want to continue the influence of these subs without putting too much emphasis on them. I am fguring 1.75 to 2.5 hours per day each, Monday through Friday. I’ve also got Spartan running in my workout area all the time.

I sometimes will run a supercharger or a hypnosis track, or both, in the evening, but for the last couple of months this has not been happening.

At night I have the subs running, but I also have both a delta entrainment track and a ganesh mantra running from my phone. This seems to help me get into a deeper and less interrupted sleep than if I were to not run these tracks. I have been experimenting with this for several months.

Weekend was fine, but now back at work feeling really crappy and sick and unable to accomplish much. I attritubute it most to bringing EMP back in. This is the sub I have had the most reconciliation while using in the past.


I am mostly interested in writing down my experiments and working to get to 750 posts. I don’t really care about feedback too much, especially from those know-it-alls who just want to make it clear to me that they know better or that I am doing it wrong. Hopefully those people can just stay away. Seriously.

I do like feedback related to compelling ideas, techniques or people that I might look up. That would be interesting to me.


I am also just interested in what might happen if I actually track what I am thinking or feeling on a day to day basis. Not sure if that can make more happen or not.


Back at home with Emp, Prim Sed, and Spart bubbling away.

Was kind of a shitty stressful day.


Dreams with humorous sexual content.

This was the most restless dream filled night I have had in a long time, and very sexual content + funny.