Emp v4 The Journey + stack sanguine


im sticking to emp 4 until the 60 day mark. then ill change the major program


Sanguine is a stack I believe.


okay after 57 days of Emp4

Im stacking Sanguine & Godlike Masculinity for the next 60 days.


been running sanguine for the past 3 days, masked more than 10 hours + 6 hours ultrasonicā€¦

nothing new yetā€¦

i like to focus on one thing at a time, so im scheduling God like masculinity, after 60 days of Sanguineā€¦

also the next 60 days are gonna be super crucial globally, i need to be optimistic and productive during tough times, if i need to keep my jobā€¦


Hello I ran only Sanguine for about a week, an average of 5 hours a day.

Im switching back to EMP4 // 11 hours a day (masked + ultrasonic). thankful for the lockdown. Allows me time for introspection, reflection and clarity.

my gut tells me EMP 4 has almost reached its escape velocity and just a little more to go. I dont intend to be delusional, but am hopeful that this will turn out in my favor.


did like 8 hours of masked and around 10 hours of ultrasonic while i was asleepā€¦feeling tiredā€¦:frowning: