Emp v4 The Journey + stack sanguine + God like masculinity

Hello All,

I purchased Emp 4 on 28th Jan.
Have been listening to it daily, 2 hours masked, 8 hours ultrasonic.
Have done quite a bit, but am still holding on.


Can you elaborate further? Done what? Holding on to what?

20+ days is a long time. I do hope you have kept a journal.

In any case, wishing you the best on this journey.



i have been listening to 2- 4 hours or masked on headphone and 6-8 hours of ultrasonic while i sleep for the past 25 days

initally i did things like re arrange my room, upgrade my wardrobe, enroll for an mba in the first 3 days, then in the 2nd week i got a new job offer

after all these days of listening, the over all view is i have been a bit more calm and centred as i was very emotionally reactive, sensisitve to what people say, caring of other people think of me especially in the office. this has been steadily decreasing. ive noticed a feeling a boldness and courage, care free.

Most importantly i have completed 26 days of NOFAP(this has not happened in thelast 5 years, max i would go is 2 days). i still get hard ons but refuse to ejaculate, ive developed a control of not giving in to the instant gratification.

but like AMASH said stick to 1 sub for maximum effect.


Stick to the process. It worked, and you just have to grind through it relentlessly. I’d been there prior and I must say that the results are rewarding, phenomenal and potent. The worst thing you could do to sabotage yourself in the long haul, is to give up on yourself.

Never quit, because you’ll never be a winner if you’re a quitter.


Thanks brother.

I am not quitting, ill continue until i become the best version of myself.


@AMASH do you suggest i get primal after 30 days?


Please share your goals and biggest problems first @dhc

Only then could me or anyone else give proper suggestions :slight_smile:


A MONTH SINCE I have been listening to this, i guess it will take longer for it to work on me…

@dhc, sometimes a break through is just a few listening sessions away. Keep pushing brother

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@KingR not giving up bro…will use it until i see results… i may take 30 days 60 days of 90 days… i will follow thru…

my only intention from this program is to be emotionally centered…


as of day 32, my anxiety and neediness has been reduced. i am able to contain a bit of my emotions

its more like self love is taking place.

although 3 relapses on the no fap after a 28 day, but i will restart the no fap

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i been religiously listening to this for 38 days, an average of 2 hours for masked and 8 hours of ultrasonic. 76 hours of masked & 304 hours of ultrasonic

I am begining to feel some internal changes of calmness, self love and control. how i know this is because i recently got dumped, been struggling for the past 3.5 months to recover but kinda decided to move on, and im managing to keep my cool, revisit my identify & realize my worth, get more focused on myself. ive drawn out an ideal version of me, and im getting closer.

although i relapsed on the NOFAP, planing to restart that and stick to it.

although I am in a sales job, i believe the emperor is making me very selective in the way i invest my time with people especially colleagues. I just hope this dont back fire on my sales job. cause its making me very selective of my interactions & how i invest my time. im getting more real, than people pleasing and fake smiling at work etc

i see changes…im expecting much more from myself. I think this program is gonna open the flood gates of my potential.

will keep you posted.


@SaintSovereign @Fire @AMASH

may i know if i can run another subliminal parallel to this?
i wanna run a stop smoking subliminal by brain sync?
let me know your thoughts…thanks

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Did you think about what actions lead to you relapsing and how you are going to prevent relapsing in the future?

Personally, I drew a mind map of what actions lead to my Youtube addiction. I found out that when I come home tired from work, I lay down in my bed. If I do so with my computer, I start to come into that habit of watching those videos on the internet. So I forbid myself to lay down in my bed WITH my computer. How do I prevent myself from doing so? I wrote down in my journal that for every time I lay in my bed with my computer, I will burn a 5$ bill. I will not donate 5$, I will BURN it. Sounds radical and crazy? Guess what, I never had to do burn a note :wink:


its mostly routine and and the only destresser i have now that the woman is not there for a distraction i deviate to porn for instant gratification

lets say i come home by 6 pm my gym time is 8 pm, im idle from 6 pm to 8 pm on my computer… so either i reschedule or find a way to fill that gap…may be…


It’s really not recommended that you mix subs from different vendors, the scripting might cause some side effects that are not fun.

Is there a reason why you feel Emperor v4 is not supporting you on your goal to stop smoking? :slight_smile:

i have increased smoking from 1 pack a day to 2 packs… thats around 40 cigs a day

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As a former smoker, I have tried the following:

  1. Subliminals from another supplier
  2. Self-hypnosis (both downloaded mp3 and recorded by me)
  3. Patches/gums/vaping
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Lastly hypnosis through a licensed hypnotherapist.

The last method actually had me stop and haven’t lit one in over 2 years now. Now why was it effective? I don’t really think it was the hypnosis per se but more the underlying conditions:

  1. The drive took almost 2 hours each direction.
  2. The session was an hour long.
  3. The therapist was about 15 mins late.
  4. The session cost a lot.

If you count the time I spent just for this, it would have been 5 hours without a cigarette. Given that my kids also ride in the car, I couldn’t light one as the lingering smell makes the youngest nauseous.

At the session itself, I found out my reason why I wanted to quit and it was because of the expenses. Adding all up, I could have used the money I spent on cigarettes in a year for my mortgage.

Also during the session, I found that the human body can detox and rid itself of nicotine in 24 hours. It’s just the subconscious that’s looking for a “fix”. Given this, I already spent 5 hours without a cigarette, I could go another 19 hours without. The following day was a lot easier for me. I just made sure to be busy.

Another thing I tried was to throw away every lighter, match and cigarette I could find at home. Given that I actually needed to walk 30 minutes to a 7-11 just to buy a pack made it easier too.


this is what im trying, what do i replace it with?

cause as of now my current enviroment favors lighting the cigarette and i cant change my environment cause its expensive.

so i either have to rely on will power or subliminal hypnosis or a therapist, dunno which one.

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Have you ever heard about PSTEC?

“It has been described as being possibly the fastest and most efficient neutralizer of problem emotions ever created.”.

There is a basic package you can download for free and see how it goes. It is a very simple method using NLP but it’s amazingly effective. I tried it myself and it works wonders, especially in addition to Subliminals like Emperor or Khan.