Emoeror + power can corrupt journal

Just bought emperor and power can corrupt :heart_eyes:
Let seeeee.

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bro i thought you were gonna wait 3 months then put on emperor

slow down bro, stick with a sub for a month then decide if you wanna stick or not :+1:

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I had a change of mind bro
I’ve seen people manifesting their own business after listening to emperor. Like the guy who was near to be a millionaire.I will work and work until my father give me the business. And based on his behaviour with me after the AM, I am sure he will make me his idol :grin:

all luck and greatness my friend

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Thank you
Listening to it now, I am feeling it :grin:

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Day - 1: talking friemdly with my customer

  • increased confidence
  • does not make idol from anyone
  • taking the lead everywhere (not sure)
  • engaging in works suddenly (not sure)
    -huge charisma (power can corrupt also has effects

I’ll say that Emperor is having a greater effect on me now in my 10th week running it than it did in the beginning. Stick with it because even though it may get bumpy and not bare fruit immediately, it will eventually. I didn’t notice any significant shifts until after the first 30 days.

Good luck on your journey.

Will be following your journal.


Yes, I am planning on sticking with it for years

Emperor is just amazing, I can’t believe that for 34.99 and spending 1 hour every other day listening to an audio of water sounds (while multitasking) can be so life changing.

Subliminals have to be one of the greatest life hacks ever