EMERGENCY (Khan stage 4 and quantum limitless stage 4)

I’ve used these for the past 4 days while I sleep and while on it I’ve been really feeling bad like I’m thinking of quitting my job, I have some sort of mental blockage when I do stuff and overall my life has decreased in a bad way is that normal. Should I listen to it in the morning so this doesn’t happen or is it something else?

Did you start both of those at stage 4 without listening to stage 1?

I listened to it before a long time ago so I didn’t do that process again and I used emperor before so I don’t know why I have those side effects.

Yeah but if it’s been a while since you listened to the stage 1-3 then it’s probably better to listen to those again first.

But doesn’t khan stage 4 feature stage 1?

Yeah it does but it’s generally advised to start off by listening to stage 1 instead of jumping straight to stage 4.

This can take an even bigger toll on your mind if you’re listening to two stage 4’s.

These have a lot of scripting and it makes it easier for your mind to absorb when you start off with the stage 1’s.

Okay what if i’m used to subliminals would that help?

I think it’s better to start with the first stages but let’s ask others

@HypeDaddySovereign @DarkPhilosopher

Start with Stage 1. Trust the process and don’t try to skip ahead if you aren’t ready. Hint: You’re not, because you’re thinking of quitting your job haphazardly and asking what we think. You’ll get no real benefit from running a title that you aren’t ready for.


Hi @Vesper

I went through all 4 stages of both Khan and Quantum Limitless.

I started with stage 1 for 30 days, then stage 2 for 30 days, then stage 3 for 30 days for both Khan and Quantum Limitless.

For stage 4 of Khan, I think I listened to it for about 10 months and then stopped because I decided to go with StarkQ.

For stage 4 of Quantum Limitless, I’m still listening to it on my playlist.

I used to listen when I sleep, but now I only do that a few times a week because I think sleep (and more importantly dreaming) helps process the subliminal scripts. So usually I listen during the day, so then my brain can process the script at night.

If I start feeling bad, I take a break from the subliminals. Maybe a day or two or more. When I feel better, then I start again.

Some people decrease the number of loops they listen to, and work up to more. With the Q format, I started with 1 loop a day and worked up to 2 loops a day for the programs I was running.


Did you do Khan and QL stages at the same time?

Khan Stage 4 does not contain Khan Stage 1 total breakdown.

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I thought the Q version of stage 4 does contain the first stage now

Oh yeah true also can we used AirPods for BLU? @Joe @HypeDaddySovereign

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I’ve heard others on here say their airpods worked fine for ultima titles

Okay perfect thank you for all your help!

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I think I started Khan, and then when the Quantum Limitless came out, I started that one. So I think I did them at the same time, but I started them at different times.

There’s something to be said for running multiple stage subliminals in order. It’s difficult to reap any benefit when you haven’t built a solid foundation by excavating what is unnecessary. You don’t see a building constructed on what was demolished or torn down before. You remove that shit so the it’s an open space to lay the foundation. You may want to increase your cognitive ability but if subconsciously you believe you’re a fucking idiot that will be very painful unless and time consuming unless you tear that out


So you did Khan, QL, and Alchemist at overlapping points through the stages?

you might be right,
anybody know if KhanQ has Khan Stage 1 in it?

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