Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU (FINISHED)


I hope it’s more successful than you imagine.

How about Paragon?


I’m narrowing it to building relationships or even to communication in family and at school. My degree is related to Pedagogy/Psychology so the target group should be parents and their kids, teachers and their students. The field I mentioned before is just too vast and I would have to spend a lot of time to become a real expert. I have a natural gift of talking to people but especially to young kids (4-8 y.o.) and I shall try in that field. So yeah, it’s about coaching. All products related to facilitating that communication and fostering those relationships should be in the orbit of my interest. Later on, it could be a lot of products related to family and school.


I haven’t tried it yet. For now, I’m collecting data about it. If it served improving general health, not only to deal with ailments and illnesses, I would be really interested.


The former looks like a good tool to take your enterprise to the next level, the latter like one to start with (but not only). Thank you so much for you suggestions. :slight_smile:


Reminds of a silly (and dangerous) experiment I did as a kid regarding a wall socket. I won’t elaborate but suffice it to say I survived without any serious harm thanks to pulling back super quick (and possibly my flipflops grounding me). The “electric burn” i felt on my finger tip was something

Glad to hear about this healing, bro


Saint mentioned it can be used to keep one in peak health which is why you will be using it for quite some time.


Total Exposure Time: 258/400

The book I’m reading (“The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma”) gives me a lot of insights into trauma and helps me understand my own traumas and their consequences like being shut down almost all the time, a constant feeling of depersonalization (a zombie-like mode), being inert and operating on the lizard brain level in social situations (being alert, expecting threats), being afraid of looking into other people’s eyes and thinking that every stranger approaching me in the streets was a real threat, having a feeling that someone who was moving just right behind me was just about to hit me in the back of my head and thinking that they’re laughing at me whenever somebody was laughing. Welcome to my childhood and puberty traumas.

I’ve dealt with all those traumas on a deep level (and their visible consequences) but still, I know/feel there must be a trace/imprint of it in my body like suspecting everybody of having bad intentions towards me and a deep mistrust towards people in general, also a poor balance between my “emotional” and “rational” minds. According to the book, and my own experiences, traumas affect the way your body functions (even shitting and peeing). That’s the main reason I’ll be running Paragon along with Stage 3 and 4.


wow, thanks for sharing this.
I can relate to a few of those. This makes me want to bring this book up on my que.
Its seems DR has worked with you/ you with it-to find and start proactively engaging this book.
Do you think/see DR supporting any of the above traumas or lessening them?


I’ve read 25% of the book and I’m positive that’s the ultimate book about that matter… and much more. Just brilliant!

I think I’ve dealt with most of the consequences in the last six years of listening to subs but Regeneration helped me understand and neutralize their source. Now it’s more about dealing with the rest of those consequences like the aforementioned ones (suspecting everybody of having bad intentions towards me and a deep mistrust towards people in general, also a poor balance between my “emotional” and “rational” minds). DR has helped me significantly with it but I need more time/exposure. Paragon would be about rebalancing my body which suffered a lot from those traumas and being abused emotionally and sometimes physically. I’ve dealt with a lot of tension in my body already but it’s still there and Paragon should help with it too.

Also, my negative self-talk and thinking have lessened and I’m more immune to negativity in general but still more work has to be done in that matter. I have over 800 hours of exposure to DR ahead so I just have to keep going.


Its funny you mention this because I noticed this for the first time today, I was consciously trying to let go of judgementalism, and I noticed my body reacting to people on the street like reading there energy and ready to fight, l saw judging was my mind’s reaction to the physical sense people could intend harm.

I think it would serve powerfully in this way, and I"ll be using it for similar reasons.

It’s awesome you’ve made such progress and there are miles to go before you sleep! :dragon: on!


According to the book, finding the source of a trauma and overcoming it consciously (and subconsciously I think) is not the end of the healing, we have to deal with the physical (and psychological) consequences of the trauma too and only then we can talk about the healing as being complete. I believe Paragon can help deal with it (on the physical level) and, therefore, make the healing traumas or traumatizing experiences complete.

It was @JCast who encouraged me to read the book. Thanks, man! :slight_smile:


brilliant distinction-there is a responsibility in dealing with how the ripples of it live on in us emotionally/psychologically and physically


We can blame those people for causing our traumas, we have the right to do so, but we have to take the responsibility of dealing with the consequences and live with our choice, nobody else is going to do that for us. I made mine when deciding on using DR.


Total Exposure Time: 300/400

I didn’t expect of Stage 2 to make me as solid internally as I am now. For the first 100 hours of listening to it, I was rather vulnerable and had some slight mood swings from time to time. I feel I’m maturing although I’m more aware of things which point at being immature on some level. I feel DR is doing its job towards making me more… my mature and solid self.

Mogul has made me more frugal, both if it comes to money and food. I choose cheaper yet healthier products (raw vegetables) over other types of food (sweets, roasted meat, etc.). On top of that, I’ve invested in two new cryptocurrencies which I’m mining using my smartphone. Moreover, I’m learning about affiliate marketing and I’m going to post my articles on a public blog site where I will be paid for it depending on the number of readers. Apart from that, I have some idea about how to improve the value of the aforementioned currencies and how everybody (me included) could benefit from it. I guess I would have to be lucky enough to get in contact with the currencies creators.

@Brandon You tagged me and asked for writing down my results on Mogul so here you go. :slight_smile:


I have found it easier to forgive those people I mistakenly blame for my misfortunes in life after running DR.

There is no point keeping emotional baggage and bearing grudges anyway when in the end only we hurt only ourselves while other people have probably moved on.

I find myself wiling to move on from the whole quagmire altogether.


Total Exposure Time: 358/400

Dreams, dreams, dreams… are the main tool of my healing. They reframe my past relationship experiences to more positive or maybe they’re just manifestations of the healing. They help my subconscious reframing surface.



How is it going on the business side?

  • I’ve learnt that a lot of people want to make money online and there’s a lot of people who want to use that fact to lure them into a scam offering them a magic solution and promising money trees. Almost everybody, who offers some content related to money (mainly but not only) on YouTube, does it only to earn money through YouTube, affiliates and links posted below their videos.
  • I’ve learnt that a lot of people offer their products and services and even though some of those are shitty if they know how to use marketing they’re more likely to succeed than people with great products who have a hard time promoting their valuable stuff.
  • I’ve learnt it’s better to start your business offline and orient it to local people and their needs first and eventually escalate it online later on. Of course, it’s advisable to use Facebook to connect with the local people too but still, it’s better to start building your clientele in the real world first, build up your brand locally, get some positive feedback on your Facebook fan page (related to your enterprise) and then try to escalate.
  • I was thinking about affiliate marketing but millions of people do or want to do that, on top of that, free courses offered by affiliate marketing companies (boot camps) is another form of brainwash, so no, thank you.
  • Copywriting, writing articles or almost any freelance “job” is a waste of time since a lot of people from India, the Philippines or other poorer countries can provide the same services for much less money than you. And there is a lot of them out there trying to earn a living.
  • I wanted to provide people with my service based on coaching/counselling but there’s a lot of fraudulent life coaches out there too which destroy the industry. It would be better to start doing it locally (which I cannot since I don’t speak Thai and even if I did, Thais don’t need this kind of service - they know their shot and take it easy).
  • I think the only real chance to earn some money online (if you have no product or service) in an honest way is to invest a bit of your time in doing research on cryptocurrencies and start mining 2-3 of them after making sure they’re legit (which you can never be sure 100%). Of course, the cryptocurrencies you mine may ultimately occur to be worthless so you should start praying too, I suppose.
  • Since I’m interested in cryptocurrencies and I started mining two of them I think I could create a small high-quality community oriented to mining cryptocurrencies since all Ithe communities I’ve found are full of spammers, scammers and people who don’t know what they’re talking about.
  • I’ve started blogging about cryptocurrencies and I think creating a small forum related to it would be the only way to do something online. Eventually, I could try to merge my passion for helping people with that cryptocurrency trend and become… a cryptocurrency life coach?

Well, it looks like I have some material for the next post on my blog above. :slight_smile:


Yes, there are so many people “teaching” a method, but they actually make the money by selling their teaching. Not using the method. However, there are also legit people.

This is true in all business, politics and ideas. Just need to learn to do proper marketing.

Not necessarily true. I didn’t.

90% of people (maybe more) who do anything on internet to earn money do not succeed. If you know what you are doing, affiliate marketing is a valid source of income.

A good copywriter is worth his weight in gold. Not a cheap job. If you know how to sell, you make huge amounts of money. How do I know? I did the copywriting for my own company, the competition is far behind.

The rest, yeah kinda true. But if you need to start from somewhere and you are a good native english writer, you can earn some money. Reinvest that to something more profitable. Same with other “jobs”. But here too good marketing wins. And if you have solid systems in place to provide high quality services, you can actually make good money.

You need a way to build authority. And to get solid customer testimonials. Doable.

Not the only one. It’s all about putting the work in consistently. And of course learning the right skills.

I think you found your niche :slight_smile: I can see that working well.


Thanks, I’ll revise my conclusions basing on what you wrote and eventually I may try to implement that life coaching/counseling component into my enterprise and learn something about marketing and building your own brand. :slight_smile: