Elixir and Paragon: Anyone run both?


I have been running Elixir now once a day for about three days. I am hoping it can help to heal my knee, which I have had surgery upon, and on which I am working to heal with various physical exercises, too.

I also like that Elixir has benefits for clearing away emotional detritus.

Can anyone who has used both Elixir and Paragon discuss the differences in what they’ve noticed?

Also any comparisons with the Dragon Reborn Ultima. They all seem to share the healing element.


@dorfmeister I ran both back to back last night. Too soon to say


Thanks, I’ve only got Elixir and have run it recently maybe 5 times. Nothing really to report as of yet.

I don’t have Paragon and may or may not purchase it. Same with Dragon Reborn, though if that could function as a single stop for both emotional and physical healing that would be pretty appealing.