Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


Started EoG stage 1 on September 1 2019. This is my first subliminal and my only subliminal.

The advice/principle that is coming through very clearly to me as I read through this site is something to which I’d already begun to hold: take action in order to give what you’re cultivating a space and means to manifest in your life. This is the energy of Malkuth, hence the chosen username.

As such, I do not intend to focus so much on the experience of listening to subliminals. I’ll trust that they’ve been well-made in line with the descriptions. My focus should be on building what I want and on seeking out ideas for effective action.

Such efforts and ideas will be private and unsuited to sharing while they are in the gestational stage, so this may be a pretty quiet journal for some time to come.

I’ll keep my words here to a public statement that I have begun and an expression of my intention: to focus on conceiving good ideas and on testing/expressing them through action.


Do you have any specifc goals using eog or just a broader path?


Both. I have a general broad goal, and I’m trying to make good specific sub-goals, actions, and decisions in that general direction based on my life conditions.


I was just reflecting that subliminals are like passive income sources. Set it and forget it, and now time is working for you. Bringing you benefit.


Subliminals are a set of guidelones that if you follow will get to your goal faster. They arent passive. Sc founders stated that you have to take action


I’ll let the subliminals do their job and I’ll do mine.


Based on what I’m experiencing thus far, it seems to me that the beneficial effect of the subliminals involves activating, reminding you of, and getting you in touch with your intrinsic, and often untapped, resources for creating, for problem-solving, and for bringing about transformation and desired conditions.

The subliminals are helping to get you in touch with your own resources. This is one reason that action is such an integral component of working with them. The subliminals are helping to connect you with powers that you may not have realized that you had, let alone worked hard to express the full potential of. But they are YOUR powers.

It’s like if you’re drowning in water, and you scream out for help, and someone says, ‘Hey! You have wings!’ Then you realize, ‘oh, my goodness, that’s true, I DO have wings.’ (and they’re not waterlogged!) Clearly, the story is not done at that point. You don’t just smile calmly, content in the realization that you have wings, and then sink under the water and drown. The next step is to use your wings, flap ‘em. And save yourself.

The subliminals are not putting potential in you that wasn’t already there. They’re supporting you to use the potential that you already possess. At least, that’s how it’s feeling to me right now. (8 days into Stage 2 of Ecstasy of Gold.)

My preferred approach continues to be ‘set it and forget it’. What’s the point of calling it a ‘subliminal’ if I then just sit around all day and think about what it’s doing. I want to let it do it’s job, and I (my conscious self) also have a job to do, which is to appreciate my life and my people/beings, and to set tasks and creative projects and then go through them.

So there it is. I am having some creative ideas, but, as I said before, those are nascent and vulnerable, so I’ll talk about them once they’re beyond the nursling stage.


Must be the red bull talking…lol it gives you wings. lol

Great insights.


ST 2 – Ecstasy of Life

The second stage of Ecstasy of Gold is focused on getting you learned and ready to take on all the challenges that you will face on your road to riches. This subliminal will guide you to the skills and knowledge you will need to make the most wealth in your life. It will help you find the areas that you will excel at over all others, and that will make you the happiest you can be.

It will be your guide and your coach, helping you learn all the secrets of the trade that you will find or have already found, and it will supply you with endless motivation to acquire this knowledge, as well as pushing you to already start building your wealth.

With ST2, you will not have to fear the dreaded question of “what do I want to do in my life,” as Ecstasy of Life will help you dig deep into yourself and find your truest purpose that will bring you the riches you desire. With Ecstasy of Life, your path through life will be illuminated, you will be quickly equipped with all the knowledge and skills you will need, and you will have absolute determination to walk the path you see before you.

Again, take a moment and imagine how it would feel to never to second-guess yourself on your journey, how it would feel to know exactly what you want in life, to have that inner knowing and step with absolute confidence on your path, and be absolutely sure you will achieve the abundance you so desire.

That is the Ecstasy of Life.


My personal plan when I began Ecstasy of Gold was this:

Stage 1: One month

Stage 2: Two months

Stage 3: Three months

Stage 4: Six months

Why? Because my intuition felt that was a good way to go.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Interestingly, I started Stage 1 on 1 September. Just worked out that way. I bought it on 30 or 31 August, and it took me all day on 31 August to figure out my set-up.

I liked the first month. I didn’t have any dramatic experiences per se, but I’m not really big on dramatic experiences. Wouldn’t be surprised if my subconscious shares that preference.

My astrology. In Western zodiac, I’m a Bull (by sun sign). In Chinese zodiac, I’m an Ox (by year sign). Pretty much the same thing. And yeah, I move pretty…deliberately (a nice way of putting it).

Now, I’m about 2.5 weeks into Stage 2: The Ecstasy of Life. The focus is on: getting you learned and ready to take on all the challenges that you will face on your road to riches. This subliminal will guide you to the skills and knowledge you will need to make the most wealth in your life.

In the last 10 days or so, there has, indeed, been a clarification and focus about specific areas that I want to train and improve to proficiency. Once I realized what was going on, it was very striking. ‘Wait a minute. Isn’t that related to my current stage of the program?’ Went back and read it and said ‘wow’.

So that’s happening.

Learning is pretty crucial to certain aspects of what I’m trying to build right now. I contemplated for a while, and then bought Limitless. It’s now included in my listening. Planning to not buy anything else for a while, because I want my focus to be about 70% concrete actions and 30% subconscious-oriented strategies. That’s a balance that’s necessary for me at this time, I’ve learned.


A primary aspect of my vocation or Calling in life is contemplative practice and contemplative exploration, sometimes called Spirituality, or Mysticism. It has been a fixture in my life.

In my teens, I was goal-oriented and ambitious about it (most likely an artifact of being a teenager), dreaming of enlightenment and various other ‘notches on posts’. Eventually, it evolved into something else, less ambitious, but, nevertheless, still quite structured in its way. It’s rare for me to not have some sorts of structured practice(s) going at any given time.

For this reason, using the Alchemist seems quite intuitive. I decided, however, to first focus on Ecstasy of Gold. It reflects my more focused goal and priority at this time. My contemplative/mystical practices are still going on at the same time, but no need to use subliminals for it, has been my thinking. There is power in focusing, in limitation, in an intentional sacrifice and choice. (Saturn would agree with that.)

I’ll continue to listen to my intuition on this one. Here is my tentative plan.

Year 1
Month 1: Ecstasy of Gold stage 1
Month 2-3: Ecstasy of Gold Stage 2 (and I’ve added in Limitless to aid the learning efforts that have arisen)
Months 4-6: Ecstasy of Gold Stage 3 Limitless
Months 7-12: Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4 + Emperor
Year 2
Month 1: Alchemist stage 1, Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4

then we’ll go on from there.

That’s the thought for now.


11 weeks into Ecstasy of Gold. and about 6 into Ecstasy of Gold stage 2.

I am really appreciating today reading other people’s journals. I do not share as much of the day to day observations and details because I know that by nature I am fairly empathic and open to influence. I don’t want the extra work of needing to maintain boundaries around my day-to-day process. Who knows? Maybe that will change in the future. Would like to return some of the inspiration that I am receiving from others. At the same time, I also want to conserve some of the energy that I would spend on talking about my life, and use it for living. It’s just where I am right now.

As mentioned, for Ecstasy of Gold Stage 2 - Ecstasy of Life, I have added in Limitless. Time is passing very quickly, and I expect that December will get here very quickly. I like the idea of sticking with my original plan. So that means 3 more weeks and then I move to EoG Stage 3 - Ecstasy of Actualization. For 3 months. I think I’ll stack Stage 3 with Inner Circle, since that just seems to make sense. Mentoring, focused support, connections are particularly relevant when moving into action.

I have had a long history of dissatisfaction in working life and I have put effort into this over the years, but it’s one of my challenge areas. Each period of my life has brought a degree of progress and improvement. I’d give my current job satisfaction a grade of about 5.5 out of 10. And I’ve had enough experience to feel grateful for that. It’s not high enough, but it is progress in my life.

I feel like I’m nearing that threshold that separates unsatisfying work life from engaged, motivated work life. This current phase is in the grey area in-between. I think that the nature of my current work is that it could possibly be a launching pad and a connector to things that would be better, but only if I find energy and focus and make it happen.

I’ve been planning to use Emperor at the same time as Stage 4 of EoG.

My plans for moving forward are still kind of tenuous and in the ‘ideas’ phase. But they are here and evolving.

A journal that makes sense for me right now, would probably focus less on the experience of the subliminals and more on the actual experience of moving through my real-world plans. Maybe I’ll look into that.


Why limitless and not ql?


Hey :wave: rising,

  1. I bought it a month ago (before QL was released) and have used it since then

  2. As a multi-stage, QL seems more extensive than Limitless and could be less appropriate for stacking? That was my sense, but I’m open to hearing differently.


Also thanks for reading that long post.


You welcome. I enjoy reading your journal. I cant comment on ql. I am still using limitless and i am waiting to see the feedback


One change. Since my focus is on building and working, I am thinking that I it may be more fitting to work with Emperor first, rather than Inner Circle. Social and Sexuality are on the list but way lower down in terms of priority. My goals are financial, vocational, and creative freedom and effectiveness. The core of it is phenomenologically-grounded spiritual engagement. That, in a general sense, is what I want to build. My dream is to build a positive personal space, a circle, a sphere that represents my values and preferred life.

As that becomes more of a reality, then I will add in the fun things of social and sexual life.

I’m wondering how soon to add in Emperor. I’m currently focused on taking in information, learning, and researching. I have a deadline at the beginning of December, related to research.

So far, I haven’t had any extreme reactions to any of the subliminals. (EoG stages 1 and 2, Limitless). I meditate an hour a day. And have for a while. Don’t know how that interacts. Don’t know how Emperor will affect me once I start. We’ll see.

Maybe start Emperor in December.


Ineed circle could help manifesting people for everything you need but if you have to choose only one, i would go for emperor


Thanks for the confirmation. I actually purchased Emperor earlier tonight, and I plan to begin listening in December when I begin EoG stage 3. :fist:t5: :muscle:

Nice synchronicity to see you type this here.


So, interestingly, I am indeed having ideas and insights related to the stated focus of EoG Stage 2.

Yesterday, I continued to experience fairly strong insights and memories about my Calling and my strengths; what Robert Greene would call my Primal Inclinations. (Just learned that a few days ago thanks to @dorfmeister ). It was clear and strong enough that I actually noticed it and thought ‘hmm…this may be attributable to the subliminal’.

I wouldn’t say I’m laser-focused with my clarity and sense of direction, but something has happened and is happening.