Earthshaker sexuality - custom module



What do you think about Earthshaker custom module? Could it have an influence on the overall charisma?
I would like to stack it with Stark core custom.

This is its description:
The general aim of Earthshaker is creating an intense, almost physical, presence around you that will cause others around you to turn their heads as you walk by. This version, however, is specifically for creating a powerful air of sexuality around you. Remember to always take action and to always put yourself into the best positions to make the most out of such modules.”

If you would wanted to improve your charisma what would you chose from custom modules?

Thank you !


This could be for charisma or a charismatic leader… you decide… here are some options to consider…

For Ultima, 3 minimum to 6 maximum… and custom subliminals 10 minimum to 20 maximum:
StarkQ (this is a major program, may or may not yield best results in Ultima)
Earthshaker Sexuality
Emperor’s Voice
Invincible Presence
Dragon’s Tongue
Natural Winner
Mercy Protocol
Energetic Development IX
Lion IV
Inner Voice
IQ and cognitive booster
Intuition Enhancer
Iron Frame
Power Awareness
Power Can Corrupt
Alpha Body Language
Leader of Men
Alpha of Alpha
Power Unleashed
The Spotlight
Direct Influencing Aura
Harmonic Singularity


Thank you!


What a beautiful post and combo


How would you modify this if you were to add in 6 physical shifters?



I think of physical shifters in a number of ways (health, appearance, good looks, etc.), so I would say to pick up to 6 for Ultima:

Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Facial Morphing
Male Enhancement
Serum X
Epigenetic and DNA Modulator
IQ and cognitive booster
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Harmonic Singularity
Health Codex

I also think Emperor Fitness applies, but I decided to run the one at the regular store for all stages one right after the other, and then get a custom subliminal with stage 4 in it.

If you do a subliminal, you are limited to 20, but there is a minimum of 10.