Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


That was really elegantly expressed.



@blackadder that stack is G2g. At least for me.

Smooth stack.

Ks4+empv4 8pm-11am 1:1
KS3 from 11am-8pm 1

KS3 during during the day. At the gym, Restuarant, meetings, social stuff.


G2G ? :blush: some kind of secret code language


G2G = Good to go


Hahah naw what @WhiteTiger said :joy:

KS3 makes me chatty and less analytical in conversation.

Emp4 to focus in on work and have a fuck everything else other than my tasks at hand.

KS4 to hold on to foundational scripting.

Only concern is running 2 strong scripts together that have a different priority hierarchy.

If that makes sense.


Here is something interesting. I believe that this sub slowly improves your self image so much that you don’t even have time for low energy or petty people and situations.
For specific reasons, I had to pick a job that is way below my level and education. I will probably need to stay there for a few more weeks.
My co workers are mainly people with no education and some them with no class at all. It’s been a few days that I noticed some of them talking shit about me either behind my back or sometimes in front of me but never directly to me. It doesn’t actually bother me that much, because I’m really not going to lower myself to having a conversation with them.
I remember thinking : “These people are inferior beings. I can’t lower myself to even start a verbal argument with them”.

Yesterday, one of the female co workers took the disrespect a bit too far and addressed me directly. I quickly ended the conversation and walked away. I met wit our supervisor right after that. I explained to him that he needed to speak to her because I won’t. I let him know that disrespect is something refuse to subject myself to. He agreed and said he would take corrective actions.

I just went back to my work station. I didn’t feel angry, I largely kept my poise.
My frame of mind is still the same. If wasn’t in the situation where I needed to take this menial job, I would never be around those disrespectful people. This might sound harsh but I do not see them as equals. I just see them as inferior beings with too little class for me to even talk to. I can’t lower myself to that.


These dreams are getting ridiculous. Maybe I should just start a dream journal instead.

I slept badly last night, I kept waking up then dozing off. I had the same exact recurring dream occur every time I dozed off, all night. Except the very last one, which was slightly different.

I was outside my home and I was surrounded by lots of cats, all shapes and colors, just sitting there staring at me. Not doing anything at all, just calmly staring at me, waiting. Nothing else. The same exact dream, all night.

The only change was in the very last dream before I got up. It started the same, I was surrounded by cats staring at me. Then just before I woke up a wolf appeared and sat among the cats, also calmly staring at me.


Both cats and wolves have complex meanings in dreams, but cats often represent women or femininity. In this case it may be representing my relationship with women. The last couple of years I’ve been actively ignoring approaches by women, preferring to spend time on my own, so the way they’re sitting there waiting for me, maybe it’s something related to that? In this context I think the wolf may represent my own primal masculinity.


This is no offend but for me it sounds like an escape. Better clear things right away instead of involving a third person. I understand your point but your coworkers are normal people.
Not people second class. There isnt such a thing like i am to good for them.
Dont go that way. Better learn to handle those situations. It will help you to grow.

Believe me i did it years ago with coworkers light years under my intellectual niveau. But i learned that having a degree or being more intelligent in some parts of life doesnt mean anything. The core of a human is what counts. You always see only the face of that person.
Try to see behind the curtain thats the real mastery.


35 days on emperor v4

x4 V4
x4 Khan stage 3
x2 Commandant

intense dreams about relationships with my father. Havent seen my father or parents in years.

Wokeup feeling very tired and depressed. i wanted to cry this morning but refuse to.so so. Never felt so much sadness in a long time.


@SaintSovereign each time i run more then 3 loops of V4 i get depressed and want to break down in tears. However if i run V2 right after i am back to confident “alpha” self.


that’s interesting because I have not felt any noticeable mood shifts besides just a bit more positive, been on it 2 days now. maybe I don’t have much healing to be done?


I’ve been getting crazy mood swings lately too. I subbed in KST3 for KST4 in my stack 2 days ago and reduced the EV4 loops and it’s gotten a bit better. Still feeling extremely lethargic most days. I really hope this reconciliation smooths out soon. EV4 is up there with Khan Stage 2 for most difficult sub that I’ve run from SubClub.


36 days if Emperor V4

x 2 loops of.V4 in the evening
x6 loops of.V2 Morning
x4 loops of.khan stage 3 sleeping
x2 Commando

I am running V2 again to nullify the negative side effects of V4.


I’ve added v3 again too, mostly because of sleep issues.


I still haven’t noticed any real reconciliation or emotional upheaval with Ev4, apart from some minor random bad moods the first few days. New Beginnings, where are you hiding?

However Ev4 is definitely pushing me to re-evaluate my current work situation, and some potentially interesting opportunities have recently come out of nowhere. And of course the wacky dreams. So 3 weeks in, looking pretty good so far.


That’s strange. I’m running empv4 probs like 8-10 loops a day and getting back into that desirable emp mode where my priorities are changing on whats important.

Slowly waking up earlier and earlier again. Journaling and gratitude first thing when I wake up. Goal setting for day. Treadmill or Stair master. Then off to complete set out/planned tasks for the day.

Eating is sharp and slowly but surely I’ve weeded out most distractions including people and am getting more and more focused on my finances and health.

i know if i was on khan only and not mixing the two right now and not running empv4 heavier i would be out drinking 2-4 times a week and smoking money at restaurants and shopping and would be spending a lot of time talking to people.

but right now i am back to the journaling, sleeping earlier, dancing in the blessings, powering up my health, and exercising my focus.

empv4 does feel like empv4 now that i am back into the flow of it. saying that as a previous v2 and v3 user. lets see what 2-3 months do of this.



i do notice dreams that are quite vivid that i can remember and i can remember because they are so emotionally charged.

i may try to whip out a journal and write down your dreams if you had any and try to draw some favorable conclusions from these. i think if youre honest with yourself youll make some connections as to why youre having those dreams and maybe…something you need to do or work on


weird my sleep is finally getting better! what are you sleep issues? like hard time falling asleep or staying asleep or both?


x4 loops of.khan stage 3 sleeping

for me khan stage 3 effects my sleep negatively. not sure why but my sleep issues started back when i was running khan 24/7 when i used st3.

does KS3 have a positive sleep effect on you?


Does anyone find it difficult to focus on work with EV4?