Ear problem from listening to subs?



I’ve been using the ultrasonic subs for a few weeks now and I noticed that my ear canal seems to be swollen because it I don’t hear as good as before. it is like water is in the ear so you hear everything dampen.

I’ve only used the ultrasonic subs on speakers and never earphones at about -50db from where I am listening according to frequensee. But in order to achieve this, I had to turn my iPad, iPhone, Macbook pretty much to full volume.

Anybody else has experience with this? I think I will stop ultrasonic for some time to give my ears a rest and see if this was causing it.


Yes – as stated in the instruction manual and the notices all over the Subliminal Club website, please stop using ultrasonic subliminals the moment you experience any kind of adverse effect.

It’s highly unlikely that an ultrasonic subliminal would cause this, especially with the way you’re using them, so you may want to go to a doctor and ensure you don’t have an ear infection.