Ear holes physical shifting

One of my earholes are smaller than the another
What physical shifting module should I use?
A/SPS hearing? Or sexiness physical shifting? Can paragon do it? Cuz this problem lessens my hearing ability, what about apollon or even skeletal system?

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Build a custom with paragon core and facial polymorphism perhaps include the head changing module. You will have to include 7 other modules.

Send me your crypto wallet
I wanna know the other 7 modules

To add to what tiger said, you can also add ears module, facial morphing, physical shifter sexiness, aps head, maybe apollon?


I just ordered a custom
Gotta wait for now

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@Alphamale i do not have a crypto wallet. I appreciate its rather old school but i prefer paying cash.

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When I come to US I will give it and you tell those 7 modules hahah

I am not from america perhaps chat to @RVconsultant he is an american. Despite the fact he uses “mate” to make people think he is english or an aussie ahahahaha :slight_smile:

I am working alongside Cybertec in Iraq.

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I watch too many BBC shows. :grin:

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This is a support ticket question.

Physical Shifter Sexiness might be a good amplifier if you have Wanted as a core in your custom. It’s like me have Sultan with Stark core in my custom which has very interesting status results:)

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