Drakon: Paragon's Love Potion


Well damn now I really want paragon. Wow


Agni Meditation day 27/30

Listened two loops od Paragon last night and 2 early this morning. I had lots of dreams but cant remember them.
Today after a long time I started giving live training again and it felt awesone!!

I noticed the power and deep impact my words have in people, specially when I take the time to make a connection on a deeper level.


Well… while Im listening to a loop of Paragon Ive realized that the dense heavy shadow is gone, so it seems that I actually became aware of it in the moment I was releasing it.
I feel way more lighter now.


Do you thin one could benefit from it running one loop a day if the only purpose was regaining one’s body balance?


I think so, specially if you use it as a booster of a major program that containst that. Like Spartan, Emperor Fitness or Khan.


Agni Meditation day 28/30

Woke up at 7am and listened to a loop of Paragon, I have a little brain fog after that, no worries cause I have a full day of teching, so Im gettin rest from subliminal input.

I had lota of weird dreams last night, but I cant remember them, just the feeling that they were removing some hidden emotions and issues.


Yesterday I felt so good and everything flowed so great that I think the effects of my stack (thats currently on pause) are blooming.
My plan is to add one of my custom in a week or so and listen that one and Paragon both as major programs.


Wow fuck me, that’s incredible and definitely no coincidence!

Lovely naming of the thread by the way, and I am very excited to see your results.


Thanks @friday!! Yes, no coincidences there!


Agni Meditation day 29/30

Yesterday I was very tired and when I finished work I had a huge headache. At about 10pm remembered Paragon is good for that.
After 2 loops headache went down to about 1/4 of its original potency, then I fell asleep.
Today I woke up with some headache, listened to 2 more loops and then did my meditation.
I still feel some pressure in the 3rd eye, but I wouldnt call it a headache anymore.


Sorry if I asked you this already, but how do you listen to Ultima speakers or headphones?
If you do speakers what do you use?


I listen exclusively on my pioneer SE-MJ553 bluetooth headphones. They do the work.


Agni Meditation day 30/30

Meditation has gotten so intense and energy flows way stronger, after Paragon helped me get rid of that shadow presence.

I did a loop of Paragon before sleeping last night and woke up with some serious erection, did a loop and fall asleep again to woke up again with a huge erection. Did one more loop and entered a state of time distortion… the whole hour went by in what it felt like 2 minutes.

I have some recolection of having a dream of waking up just to realized that I was still dreaming.


Still listening to my loops of Paragon, I will take wednesday and thursday off to rest, well to rest from subs since I have a lot of work to do.
Work seems to be the magic word, Im doing pretty good.

Nothing to report about Paragon for now, Im letting it do its work in the background.


apparently Saint mentioned paragon helping with erections and even member size growth.


Yeah! Ive just read that @Azriel … pretty interesting and strange side effect (for lack of a better term)
I wonder how that will interact with Male Enhancement, which I have in one of my customs :rofl:

Between those 2 and Diamond I will be packing some serious weaponry :joy::joy:


Im gonna take today and tomorrow as rest days… next monday Im adding Wolfgang Terminus, I guess 1 loop every other day.

So it will be…

Paragon Ultima

Wolfgang Terminus

Primal Seduction
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Emperor’s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound
Physicality Shifter
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Seducer’s Gaze
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Lion IV
Dragon Tongue
Alpha Body Language
Male Enhancement

I will add Diamond Ultima eventually…


Yesterday I tok the day off amd everything flowed wonderfully at work. I gave a class and I was in the zone all day.
Today I woke up with minor headache in the forehead/3rd eye and realized that I need to work on healing my lower back.

Im restig today from subs too, but Im gonna direct Paragon into my back issues.


Im testing Love Bomb with Paragon… seems like a great combination.


I resumed Paragon today after a 2 day rest. Now Im my second loop ( 1 in the morning - 1 late at night) Ive been having strong pain in my lower back today and all kind of emotions like fear, sadness, guilt and anger.

Im almost convinced of adding Dragon Reborn to Paragon and break through this lower back issue.