Dragon's Flame! The journey for stoicism(DR ST.1 + Elixir + LDU + Sanguine)

Hey all. so even though i am not a new member here, i have never made a public journal.

Most of my journals are private because i tend to write there pretty personal stuff.
This one is different though as it is about removing limiting beliefs + creating better habits &belief systems.

The official recommendation says you should have one day for processing, well i will have just 2 subs to enhance processing in these days so i hope that’s ok.

My stack will be as following for the next 30 days:
Sunday: DR ST.1 + Elixir + Sanguine. ( 1 loop each)
Monday: Limitless. (1 loop each)
Tuesday: DR St.1 + Elixir + LDU ("")
Wensday: Limitless.("")
Thursday: DR ST.1 + Elixir + Sanguine("")

friday & satureday: rest.

I have run ldu & rebirth for about 2 monthes now with good results.
My objectives:
To clean anything that holding me from being the best calm assertive driven man that i am deep down,
I know there are more stuff to clean and remove for sure since sometimes in meetings i am in my head (or in dates).

After this month pass my plan is to make 2 customs and stick with them while running LDU/Rebirth in the background.

Let the journey begin! any questions, comments or advices are welcome :slight_smile:


Day 1:
Ran DR ST1 and elixir in the morning, started to feel nostalgic and kinda angry about some past situation.

While running elixir i felt sensations all over my head and some feeling of fear holding in my head area, hopefully it was released since i do not feel it any longer.

sorry what do you mean by that?

Mate you got 9 different sub wtf :flushed:
Isn’t it a bit much ? Like 4 seems like a limit that few go above rarely 5 but 9… got dang bruh what type of processor is your brain man ?

In a more seriousness talk don’t you think you’re being somewhat greedy ? I know that you only play 1 loop at a time but it seems like you won’t be able to know wich direction you really go ? Like I just look at your profile and you seem to be kinda intermediate member for this forum as you’ve been here for a bit less than a year.
So I can hardly think that you’ve max out the potential of each sub even within time period and are just letting them play for long term benefit/maintenance.

Also a month seems like a really really short window even for a sole subs so for a whole 9 stack I can’t imagine eficient progress… Wouldn’t it be wise to consider to the very least 3 month for that stack (or even cutting it in half for that time period) ? Just my 2 cent as someone who prefer to hunt at max 2-3 rabbit at the same time, don’t rush mate you got time on your hands…

Hope I wasn’t too condescendant in my words, I’m just blown away because I don’t know why you have so many of them :exploding_head:

PS : you might tell me “but they all fit my described goal” and I’ll answer you it’s like pushing your brain to retain & use perfectly 9 big books at the same time
The sheer amount of script you’re going through might be a limit in here

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Thankyou for the consideration, it was also one of my hesitations. maybe i do have i9 core inside of me :upside_down_face:

Thing is, i already ran all of them before intermittently. I have no idea how embedded they are in my brain though so maybe it is not the best idea.

I really want to focus on healing & cognitive enhancement hence why i added all thos different titles.

You think i should focus on just DR st1 + Elixir + LDU/Sanguine? because that was my second thought

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I mean that saint adviced to do 1:1 of processing time, 1 day to process the next one to rest.

that for my understainding the new Qv2 protocol for now

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That would explain a lot comparing to me with my i3 :astonished:

That would be my go to, but don’t just take my words for it
Like you got them runned a bit here and here but I just can’t see being fruitfull all at the same time, if you haven’t first got time to use them a lot then integrate their script fully
But in another hand you’re not drowning your brain under so many loops so it could be somewhat a swiss army knife for your progress but then I would use that stack to the very least for 6-12 month.
But once again it’s just me and my words.

Maybe you feel that it’s trully the best for you and then I would be wrong to insist on my point of view, because we’re all different.

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Yea man i totally get your point, a very solid one.

Thing is, i really wanna be done with healing and do more foundation (wealth + status) and romance
& seduction customs.

But i need a good mental foundation for that. so i think you are right and i should focus in the next 30 days on healing emotionally alone(limitless for extra processing ) and then after i’m done
to go hardcore with character building subs.

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That explain your rush ! Depending on your feeling and your internal mechanism you’ll be the only one to judge when you’re good to go, so maybe don’t just try to fix a time frame and go with your gut so ?

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How can i tell for sure? i could think i’m done but then it can be stonewalling, that’s why im not quite sure with time frame on these topics.

but i’ll try iafter 30 days and if i feel hard recon i think ill go back to healing

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Experience my friend, it’s by failing that you’ll learn you’re best time frame, even worse it can vary from things to things so there is no easy way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway have a great journey mate !

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Day 2:

Feeling very sleepy, cant focus much. maybe adding limitless wasnt the best thing to do

Also my self esteem seemed higher, as HR called me today and i hold my frame when she tried to tell me that working on personal project is not considered real experience . yea… what bs do they tell them in the hr signing up courses?


I suggest taking out Elixir of your stack and keeping it for Stage 2. Run all your subs one loop each every other day and work towards destroying your limits and healing consciously.

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Why do you think elixir is not needed in stage 1? i see both as complentary, no?

Had a very vivid dreams today with images of highschool peers.
In the dream we were stuck on an island like fortnite and i saw them hanging out and chiling.
Also my high school crush was there, not noticing me.

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Keep going. By Stage 4 she’ll be glued to ya

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Yes, they are but Stage 2 even better. It’s more about listening to 3 Ultimas at once. I wouldn’t go there results wise. LD is more suitable for Stage 1. Stage 3 Rebirth. Stage 4 R Ultima.

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Lolll hopefully

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Day 5:
Had a very vivid nightmare today… i cant recall exactly what happend but there were many pieces moving.

It was super vivid and esoteric… like some very odd movie.

I woke up sweating. i listened to dr qv2 masked one hour before i went to sleep.
i wonder if dr worked on somthing deep while i was sleeping.

I also felt some anxiety today in a public settings
I wonder what’s being delt behind the scenes

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Had a physical fight with my brother, he pissed me off in many ways.

My back hurts so i am using paragon,
Im gonna take 2 days off then back to DR + Elixir.

Had some very interesting dreams but nothing else to report as of yet.

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